WATCH: ‘GH’s’ Sabrina Finds Out Patrick Knew Who Ran Them Off the Road


On the Thursday, August 21 episode of ABC’s “,” Sabrina Santiago () returned from her long trip away from Port Charles after looking to clear her head following the death of her son, Gabriel, with Patrick Drake (). Upon her return, Sabrina is shocked to learn that for much of the time she had been gone Patrick knew who ran them off the road and caused their son’s death. She also learns that her best friend Felix Dubois () knew as well. Neither Patrick or Felix opted to call her to tell her because they feared what it would do to her mental state, as noted by Castillo in Soap Opera Network‘s recent interview with the actress.

Watch below as Sabrina learns it was Rafe Kovich, Jr. () who was responsible for the accident:

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  • Odette/Odile

    Boring, cliche character that is little more than extra bagage on an overstuffed canvas, portrayed by a mediocre actress. Apologies to those that like her but I’m one who didn’t miss her from the moment she went on maternity leave.