UPDATE: Robin Mattson Returning to ‘General Hospital’ as Evil Heather Webber


A rep for “GH” has now confirmed to Soap Opera Network that will be returning to the soap in the near future. A first airdate has not been announced, however.

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Last week “” executive producer revealed that there will be plenty of villains hanging around the denizens of Port Charles this fall and he wasn’t kidding. While a show rep issued a “no comment” when contacted by Soap Opera Network, actress Robin Mattson announced on her Facebook page yesterday that she is returning to the daytime soap as Heather Webber in the near future. “Heather is returning to GH soon!” read Mattson’s Facebook posting. Fans last saw Heather in February, when she was carted off to jail.

Heather is the mother of Franco (), following a romp with Scott Baldwin () all those years ago.

Best known for her portrayal of Janet Green on ABC’s “,” Mattson has also appeared in episodes of  “Guiding Light,” “Ryan’s Hope,” “,” “,” “” and “.”

  • Andrew Hass

    I’m thinking Heather’s return will have something to do with Luke because right now they are at the same place.

  • Aaron


  • GH DAYS fan

    “She has appeared in episodes” is a clear understatement in the case of “Santa Barbara” where Robin Mattson portrayed Gina Blake Lockridge from 1985 through the final episode in 1993. Epic role and soap!!

  • Geraldine Callands

    i hate general hospital the men are so stupid