RATINGS: ‘Y&R’ Posts Largest Women 18-49 Rating Since April


Posting its best Women 18-49 rating since April, CBS’ “” leads the week amongst all broadcast daytime drama series in Women 18-49 and Women 25-54, while averaging 4.47 million viewers for the week of August 18-22, per Nielsen Media Research data. The soap was up 2% in viewers from the week-ago, posting its largest audience since the week of July 21-25.

“Y&R” scored a 1.2/9 rating in Women 18-49, up 9% from last week and its best rating in the demo since the week of March 31-April 4, 2014. In Women 25-54, “Y&R” posted a 1.9/13 rating. With its best rating since the week of July 14-18 in the demo, the soap gained 6% compared to the prior week.

  • Congrats to Y&R and CBS! Very nice press release. 😉

  • sands of time

    No mention of 18-34…such a shame.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Way to go Y&R. So happy for you. Increasing in the most important demo for daytime (as far as the budget is concerned with the advertisers) is nice. Wish it could be higher but it is a whole lot better than the new lows in the demo the show was setting a few months ago. Good to see the show up. Can’t wait to see the best ratings.

    • Only in the world of soaps

      But will the budgets increase and it has to be for more than one week. You yourself have said when other shows have increased in the demos that the shows budget still did not increase so that could be the same situation ehre which means it would really not mean a whole lot. Plus it was 9% not exactly a huge increase.

  • RobNYC

    Way to go Y&R. Very deserving now that the show is good again. They really turned things around.

  • only in the world of soaps

    only in the world of soaps would everyone think a 2% and 9% increase is great news.

    • sands of time

      It’s just spin. They even round up the percentages. Total viewers is less than 2% gain. I don’t have enough information to dispute the crooked eye network’s claim regarding the 9% gain.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      It’s not much but compared to hitting new lows in the key demo it is something for CBS to be proud of. Is it a big increase — No? Would it be enough to change the budget– No. But it is a step in the right direction considering how the show was losing viewers in the key demo a few months. As far as a press release this is what the networks pay these folks for. So they are earning their money. They get paid to take the ratings and spin them in a positive fashion. At least it is a POSITIVE PRESS for daytime and not negative. The networks spin a whole lot less impressive ratings for prime time so why not do it for daytime too.

      CBS spins Big Brothers ratings even on nights it was the same as the week before.

      • sands of time

        The only spinning I want to see is Nikki and Maureen playing ‘spin the bottle’! Spin and sin! lol

    • Only in the world of soaps do people gripe about something as common as fans being happy over small increases. FYI it’s done in Primetime as well.

      • only in the world of soaps

        This coming from someone who gripes all the time.

        • What do I gripe about?

    • Andrew Hass

      It’s still an increase no matter how small it is and it’s still better than a decrease.

    • WhatAJoke

      I know. The show itself is laughable and is a veritable train wreck with its consistent rock bottom ratings. But sure, let’s applaud the miniscule increase.

  • Jared Bradshaw

    Y&R has turned it around. I guess the new leadership team needed some time to set the table for what we’re seeing now. I’m not thrilled about David Tom being fired, but this show is the closest to what it was under Bill Bell than it has been any time since 2006.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      I’m loving quite a few things right now — the chief being the Neil/Devon story. It is so good to see them at the focus of the show again. It’s a tired story that even Y&R has done before but what stories aren’t repeats on all the shows these days.

      • Phyllis opens her eyes today! I saw the day ahead preview, and gosh that look on her face is priceless. Imagine waking up and seeing Victor’s face. lol