PROMO: ‘Revenge’s’ Victoria Grayson is Coming For You, Emily Thorne!


Things are about to get downright juicy on “” when the new season premieres Sunday, September 28 on ABC. In a newly released promo, Victoria Grayson () narrates a dramatic version of Emily Thorne’s () revenge plot against her and her family, but in season four it looks like it’s Victoria’s turn for some revenge. Watch out, Emily!

In the video, Victoria shares with viewers new and old her story of “Revenge” so far. “Over the past three years, my family was destroyed, the love of my life murdered, my freedom taken away. When everything you love has been stolen from you, someone has to pay. Emily Thorne, I’m coming for you!”

While much of the material shown in the promo is old clips, the one thing that does stand out is Emily standing tall on the Grayson balcony, which has become an icon of sorts for viewers via Victoria’s constant snooping from above. What does it all mean? You’ll just have to tune in on Sunday, September 28 at 10:00 PM ET/PT on ABC to find out!.

  • reeceecup™

    I am so looking forward to this season!!

  • OdetteOdile

    I’m curious as to how long “Revenge” can one-up itself in this continuing back and forth between Emily and Victoria. Madeline Stowe is a beautiful woman but like Michelle Stafford and her character of Nina, there is nothing in her performance that makes me feel anything that resembles empathy/sympathy for what has happened to her. As with Stafford’s Nina, I’m just kind of waiting for something to occur that just rids the canvas of Victorias’ presence. If she was completely eliminated, I wouldn’t miss her. I’d also like to see Charlotte be a more prominent player, especialy with the tie in with their shared father.

  • I’m guess I’m the only one who doesn’t watch Revenge.

    • RobNYC

      You might really enjoy it Bexx. The first two seasons are like Y&R at its best but in primetime format. Available on Netflix and I think HULU.

      • The only problem is I hate starting a new series when it’s still on the air. As soon as I get all excited and start binge watching the season ends and I have to wait for months for another season. I still haven’t watched Games of Thrones. Will add Revenge to my Netflix playlist.

  • MattArmando

    This is a KILLER promo. Time to get Madeleine Stowe that way overdue Emmy nomination!

  • Boo_Berry

    Is Conrad really dead? I enjoyed his snarky fights with Victoria.