Katherine Chancellor’s ‘Y&R’ Remembrance Ceremony Continues Today; Tricia Cast Returns

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

As we previously reported, “’” is honoring the one-year anniversary of Katherine Chancellor’s () onscreen death with a remembrance ceremony in Chancellor Park. The touching episodes began yesterday, Tuesday, August 26, with a special appearance by (Patrick Murphy). And today, they continue with a return by Nina (), who flies in from Los Angeles to honor her dearly departed friend. Tune in today, Wednesday, August 27, to see part two of the special episodes.

  • Beautiful remembrance, kudos to Y&R for another great tribute. We miss you Mrs. C!

  • timsdale4ever

    I’m glad the show is doing this — hopefully each year, but they really need to do it in a much more interesting way. Sorry, but this was pretty lame. It would be so easy for someone to give a speech, etc., and then while that person is talking, the camera could zoom in on someone’s face and have the scene fade into a “minute” memory of Katherine. My God, there must be thousands of scenes to chose from, and everyone there that I noticed would have had many scenes with her……. Why can viewers ALWAYS be more creative than the damn so called “experts” that put these shows together? It’s so easy — use your noggin!