‘Free Carlos’ Chant Was Heard! Jeffrey Vincent Parise Returning to ‘GH’

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

During the and ” Fan Club Weekend event earlier this month, (Carlos Rivera) stopped by and started a revolution when he began chanting, “Free Carlos!” Looks like the show heard him loud and clear as he’s set to appear on the Friday, August 29 episode, per a preview clip aired at the end of today’s episode. In it, Carlos is visited in prison by Sabrina Santiago (), who reveals that she knows who was responsible for the accident that killed her son with Patrick (Thompson).

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest in its newest issue, on sale tomorrow, Parise tells the publication it was a great day when he got the call to return. “I was excited. I felt like a boxer in training who gets the word that there’s a fight coming up!”

  • KansasGuest

    I like Carlos. Glad to hear he’s coming back! Makes sense since the entire Sonny-shot-AJ reveal can’t be done without him revealing his reasons for lying. In many ways, he’s more integral than Patrick & Sabrina to the A-stories peaking next month w/FLuke, Sonny, Julian & Ava.

  • Andrew Hass

    It makes sense that Carlos would return eventually.He’s connected to a lot of stories on GH.He only confessed because he thought Ava caused the car crash.However if he finds out that isn’t true who knows what he might do next.He could take back his confession and that would cause the investigation into AJ’s murder to be reopened.Then that would put both Ava and Sonny on the hot seat.Plus if Sabrina finds out Carlos thinks it was Ava who arranged the car accident she might want revenge on Ava because Ava is going to have a baby while Sabrina lost hers.So the next few weeks on GH could be very interesting.

  • lisa c.

    FREE CARLOS! Love him!

  • WrecklessLove

    Carrrlos!! I am so excited he’s back! Love him. Hopefully I can get my Carlina back now too! lol Jeff is an amazing actor and guy!