FInd Out Who Melissa Archer is Playing on ‘DAYS’ and When She First Airs!

Donna Svennevik/ABC
Donna Svennevik/ABC

Two days after it was revealed that (ex-Natalie Buchanan, “”) would be joining the cast of NBC’s “” this fall as an as yet to be named character fans have been wetting their teeth looking to hear more and today they get their answers!

According to TVLine‘s Matt Webb Mitovich, Archer will play a character named Serena, who already has ties to someone in Salem, USA. Archer’s first airdate is scheduled for Friday, December 5.

Archer’s joining the soap reunites her with former “OLTL” co-star (ex-Blair Cramer), who currently appears as Eve Donovan. DePaiva tweeted a welcome photo of herself with Archer on Tuesday that read, “Welcome to SALEM! #Days #Oltl GOOD TIMES COMING!”

Could Serena have a connection to Eve? You’ll just have to tune into “Days of our Lives” this December to find out!

  • Archer is such a horrible actress.

    • sands of time

      I heard Melissa Archer made people forget all about GT on OLTL. Is that why GT’s character on Y&R is in a coma…the best she can do is just sleep, along with the fans?

      • OLTL fan

        She made everyone forget about SH/Marty on OLTL also. What was the word the writer use she has spark.

        • Yeah because of the constant propping by Higley and RC. Did Higley vouch for her at DOOL?

          • sands of time

            Who’s propping all those perverts and alleged perverts that CBS keeps hiring? Bob Barker was a pervert during TPIR and has since made appearances on B&B where another pervert will be appearing for 4 episodes. Were they all friends with the Y&R perverts? I’ll get specific if you want me to, TROLL!

          • OLTL Fan

            Not Higley, who actually had no use for the character and attempted to destroy the character in my opinion. Ron C or Frank V said that on his decision to reunite Jolie after the miserable failure that was John and Marty. The statement was to the effect that that Natalie was added to the story because she had spark and something needed to wake up the snooze- fest that was John and Marty.
            Don’t make up facts. Higley broke up John and Natalie for her pairing of Jarty affectionately known as Farty among OLTL fans. And tore Natalie down in the process.

          • sands of time

            I wouldn’t be too hard on Bexx. Y&R has it’s fans in a slumber!

          • Sorry, but I could care less about Natalie Buchanan and her past storylines. My point is that Melissa Archer is a terrible actress who for years continued to be thrusts into stories despite her lack of talent. Not to mention her fans along with the KDP fans are a bunch of vile cretins.

          • OLTL Fan

            That is an opinion not a point. Obviously the writers and producers and many of her coworkers such has Erika Slezak (multiple Emmy winner) disagree. Also it seems that the producers at Days of out Lives disagree.
            My point or opinion was that she overshadowed Emmy winners such as GT and SH. Was it her talent, spark, chemistry I don’t know but it was more than just propping.

          • oltl fan

            It nice that this site allows its poster to attack guest but don’t allow a reply

            from Bexx

            Not to mention her fans along with the KDP fans are a bunch of vile cretins
            Very hypocritical.

          • Katie

            Melissa Archer has more talent in her pinky finger than 95% of the females on Y&R and GH and the ONLY vile cretin here is YOU. DOOL will ROCK come Dec. 5th

      • GLHistorian

        From someone who was watching OLTL when Melissa Archer joined the show, she making me forget anyone was certainly not the case.

        The reason Gina Tognoni’s character is in a coma is because that was the state of the character when Michelle Stafford left.

        • Don’t expect a homophobic troll to fact-check.

          • sands of time

            If I’m homophobic, I would be watching Y&R!

        • sands of time

          And Y&R fans have been sleeping ever since!

  • Joel

    Never been sold on Ms. Archer’s acting abilities, so I hope this role either pays off or is a short-term thing (which seems unlikely).

  • sands of time

    Serena was Diana (Genie Francis) Colville’s mother’s name on DAYS. Could this Serena be the daughter of Diana and John Black? Is GF coming back to DAYS?

    • Andrew Hass

      Thank you.I knew Days had a character named Serena in the past but i couldn’t figure who it was.

      • sands of time

        No need to thank me, but you may recall that Diana was with John when they thought he was Roman.

    • Elizabeth_Erwin

      Certainly would be wonderful to see Genie again. GH has totally screwed her over time and time again.

  • Laurie Havens

    Well I like her acting and I am looking forward to her on the show. I like her presence. I love that she has her own look and own style as well. She’s not cookie-cutter, and nothing against that, but it’s nice that she isn’t.