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‘Family Ties’ Star Meredith Baxter Joins ‘Y&R’

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

’” Nikki Newman () is already getting a blast from the past in the form of booze bottles, but the sauced-up socialite is about to get another: “” star is hitting Genoa City as Maureen, Nikki’s new drinking buddy!

A rep for the show says that the character is a “charming, intelligent, middle-class woman who has always aspired to a more privileged life than she’s had. She appears kind and sympathetic, but can be quite manipulative. She is skilled at getting people to do the things she wants them to do by making them think it’s their idea!

“When not hitting the sauce with her new drinking-buddy, Nikki,” the spokesperson continues, “Maureen will be crossing with several key players on the Y&R canvas.”

This won’t be the first time that Baxter has experienced a fictional drunkie on set: As famous “Family Ties” TV mom Elyse Keaton, she dealt with an alcoholic brother, played by .

The actress — who’s recently appeared on shows like “Family Guy,” “Glee,” and “Switched at Birth” — will first appear on “Y&R” on Monday, September 8, and she will continue to pop up throughout the fall, because rumor has it, she’s got connections in town!

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  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    She will be Kelly and Ben’s Mother and maybe Phyllis will slap Sharon and Jack both and then Phyllis and Ben will become the couple Nicholas and Sharon used to be.

  • chamada

    Or maybe she’s Mariah’s mom.

    • Joel

      No she isn’t. Mariah’s mother was cast with someone else.

      • Kiki

        I’m not remembering who Mariah’s mother was cast as. Can you please share, because I was thinking that this would be her mom as well?

        • Joel

          I can’t recall the woman’s name, but she’s debuting this week I think.

  • Andrew Hass

    I’m wondering if this character will be connected to Ian somehow.

    • Joel

      Either to Ian, or Kelly and Stitch. Either way, love that she’s joining the series.