EXCLUSIVE: ‘Y&R’s’ Joshua Morrow Accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; Nominates Jill Farren Phelps, Bradley Bell and Steve Kent

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

'” (Nicholas Newman) was nominated for the by CBS Daytime Senior Vice President and he’s gladly accepted!

In his challenge video, which he’s shared exclusively with Soap Opera Network, Morrow notes that he’s already sent a donation check to the ALS Association and he’s now challenging “Y&R” executive producer , ’s senior executive vice president, programming, and “” executive producer/head writer to donate and take part in the challenge next.

As one of the cutest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos we’ve seen yet, Morrow’s son Crew (aka: Crewzer) is given the honors of dousing his father as Morrow stays seated on a tricycle. The things that make you go “Awwww!”

Note: If you look closely, you’ll see a clean shaven Joshua.

In addition to Morrow, McDaniel also challenged “’s” , from “” and the crew at , whose dress she wore on Monday, August 25 for the Primetime Emmy Awards. Tyler has already taken McDaniel up on the challenge and will post her video soon.

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You can watch McDaniel’s challenge video by clicking here.

To support the ALS Association in their efforts to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease, click here

  • Darlene

    Good job Joshua in nominating Jill Farren Phelps, Steve Kent and Bradley Bell. I sure want to see JFP doused with cold ice water. Also, love your clean shaven look! It looks really good!!

    • sands of time

      JFP should not have a problem with the challenge. She’s cold as ice!

      • Darlene

        Sure agree with that! She’s riding on the coattails of Emmys won by the tremendously talented actors who left (Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, Elizabeth Hendrickson, child who played Delia). The Delia story line won her the Emmys that she boasted about and it was the story line that she used to oust both Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. So you’re right, cold as ice! JFP won’t be so lucky with Emmys next year as I understand her show sucks!!

    • Myles Stevens

      Edit: never mind.

  • Myles Stevens

    I think I like Joshua Morrow a lot more than I like his character! He obviously has a good relationship with Phelps and Kent (and Brad Bell) too.

    • Darlene

      I imagine that Joshua Morrow is a great guy and I don’t think he socializes much with the cast and keeps his nose clean to keep a job. He’s very family oriented and spends a lot of time playing sports with his 3 sons. I don’t know anything about his relationship with Phelps, Kent and Bell. It could just mean that he wants to see them doused and/or wants them to kick in donations. I don’t think you’ll ever know how Joshua feels because he does what he needs to do to keep his job. Read him quoted somewhere. And I believe Phelps is the fire breathing she-devil. When she let Michael Muhney go in December 2013, I understand she said there was nothing she could do as it came from above her and we just found out recently that Phelps was the only reason that Michael Muhney did not return to Y&R. Phelps did not want him to return even though he had been courted by Sony/CBS for several months. Phelps is treacherous and cast members have to kiss ass to keep their jobs. Not a job I’d want to have…no matter how much money.

      • Myles Stevens

        It was NOT JFP who fired Michael Muhney. It was she who put Muhney (along with Billy Miller) at the center of THE biggest story of 2013. You don’t give that kind of treatment to an actor you’re planning to fire. His firing obviously wasn’t anticipated as the writers had to rewrite his final scenes literally overnight. Doug Davidson, Melody Thomas Scott and Jess Walton, among other Y&R vets, have praised JFP as a show runner. The vets are all driving story under her leadership (not the case with the previous regime), and being integrated with the younger cast. As MTS said, there was only one EP who was ever considered a dragon by the cast (read: Lynn Marie Latham), and it wasn’t JFP.

        I used to be a fan of Michael Muhney too but I will never understand what it is about him that makes certain fans lose all perspective.

    • Kelly Jackson

      Tell that to Anna Lee’s family. They blame her death on Phelps’ firing of her from GH at the age of 90 after being promised her job for life. There are plenty of people that know about Phelps’ arrogant and horrible treatment of actors. I’m sure Stuart Damon could write a book about her. You don’t get a nasty reputation like hers without cause.

      • Myles Stevens

        Once again, her reputation is based on things that happened at other shows. No one from Y&R, past or present, has said a bad word about her since she’s been there. In fact most of Y&R’s vets have given her glowing reviews (Jess Walton especially).

        As for Anna Lee, while I feel for her family, you can’t blame her passing on JFP. Her family was grieving and probably wanted someone to blame. Everyone who has ever been executive producer of a soap opera – without exception – has fired people. And while I’m sure Anna Lee’s firing wasn’t the wisest decision (I don’t watch GH), the woman was 90 years old and not well – she didn’t die from losing her job.

  • Joel

    His son just threw that on his head, and I loved it. It was like BOOM to his face, but Joshua handled it like a champ. Love that he nominated his bosses, and I hope they involve themselves. I’ve always loved Joshua; he’s an incredible handsome and humble man, his wife and family are very lucky. Though, I do prefer him with shorter hair!

  • PassionQueen77

    Joshua Morrow looks better at his house more then on the young and the restless. His character on the young and the restless looks very possessed. His character is always angry all the time. I can’t wait when Jill Farren Phelps gets the boot for creating a mess on the show.