‘DAYS’ Stars Featured In Hollywood Museum

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

The ground-breaking love story between “’” () and Will () has garnered lots of attention for the NBC sudser, and the latest exciting news regarding the popular storyline is that it has landed the show a coveted spot within The Hollywood Museum!

Costumes worn during Sonny and Will’s memorable wedding — the first ever male gay wedding on soap operas — are being featured as part of an exclusive LGBT exhibit at the museum called “Reel to Real: Portrayals and Perceptions of Gays in Hollywood.” The exhibit, which also features ’ suit from “,” ’s costume from ,” and outfits worn by Sonny and , will run through Sunday, September 28.

Howard Wise/
Howard Wise/

“To have had the opportunity to contribute to the progression of LGBT rights and marriage equality, and for my work as a performer to have hopefully provided a voice to those who might not have otherwise had one, is an unparalleled privilege,” Wilson told Soap Opera Network of being featured at the museum. “Being included in an exhibit that illuminates and lauds such important social progress is more than I could’ve dreamed of! I am so very grateful to the Hollywood Museum for recognizing the efforts of all LGBT leaders and allies, and to ‘Days of our Lives’ for being so fearless in its portrayal of what a loving relationship can be.”

For more information on the exhibit, visit The Hollywood Museum’s official website.

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  • GH DAYS fan

    Great! Both actors are fantastic, although I liked Chandler Massey even more. The only prob is (as always with DAYS) the writing: Head writers finally have to give WilSon a real story again!

  • nycoleann1997ii

    I was so-so a supporter of gay marriage on soaps but not a HUGE supporter until last week that I realize I like General Hospital’s Lucas/Shawn/Brad but why not DAYS’ Will/Sonny.

    I’m glad those 2 actors have something to look at; what they did in soap history.

  • Andrew Hass

    No matter what else happens in their careers Freddie and Guy have this to remember.I’m happy that Will and Sonny are involved in a big story right now on Days but i wish they would get a story of their very own.

  • ben

    i still wish it was chandler who got to wed freddie…

    • Tim Engen

      I agree

    • Andrew Hass

      I also wished that Chandler was still in the show when Will and Sonny got married because then the show could have done flashbacks to show fans new and old how the characters got together.

  • ArK

    I really dont want to watch them kiss onscreen,its just propaganda for the gay industry & serves no purpose. Its getting to be offensive.

    • Andrew Hass

      Will and Sonny are together.So of course they are going to kiss and show affection.Straight couples kiss all the time on soaps.So why can’t a gay couple do the same thing?

      • ArK

        Because most viewers dont want to see it. I FF or skip it on you tube

    • SoDisqusted

      You serve no purpose.

      • ArK

        except to voice an opinion,why do they show us this garbage in an otherwise good show? You must be an =ity advocate to be so rude.

  • Darrell D. Elliott

    @ArK…..obviously, no one is forcing you to watch. When I object to someone/something, I just switch to another TV channel.

  • Mujj

    Guy sucks and not in a good way. Why was he interviewed (always him) and not Freddie? At least there was a time when Freddie was genuine about his caring for the LGBT community. Guy, not so much. Off screen he ridicules members of the community.