CENTER STAGE: Chrishell Stause Reveals ‘DAYS’’ Jordan To Get Scrappier As Secrets From Her Past Explode!

John Paschal/JPI Studio
John Paschal/JPI Studios

’” Kate () wasn’t the only one who was shocked when Jordan () hauled back and slapped her across the face for sleeping with Rafe (): Viewers were a bit surprised to see the formerly timid physical therapist continue to grow her backbone, as well. And when Soap Opera Network recently caught up with Stause, she revealed that this is only the beginning of her alter ego’s catty side. In fact, Jordan will be getting tougher and tougher as more and more secrets about her unfold!

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

It was the slap heard around the world — or at least around Salem — and it’s one that will go down in soap opera history for Stause. “Oh my gosh, it was so fun to do,” the actress enthuses with a laugh about the opportunity to physically attack her popular co-star once more. “Anytime you get to do classic soap moments, especially with someone as great as Lauren Koslow, it’s just so much fun. And I think it was nice for Jordan to find her backbone a little bit. She was trying so hard to blend into the background and not bring attention to herself from everything she was running from, and you’ll see that as these secrets unfold, you’ll get to see her actually not being scared anymore, to be able to stand up for herself and defend herself.”

That is, with everyone but Rafe, who still has her heart, despite his recent transgression. “She definitely [reacts differently with Rafe],” Stause explains of her alter ego’s emotions over his mistake. “She sees that Kate has masterminded this whole thing. And Rafe isn’t a victim, of course, but I think she’s sad that he fell for it — more disappointed and sad [along with being] angry. You probably go through a lot of emotions when something like that happens, but I think with him, it’s more so just really saddened that he would have thrown all of what they shared away for something so fleeting and for somebody who Jordan sees as so manipulative and so see-through. She can’t believe that someone as smart as Rafe, being a detective, can’t see right through that! So I think she’s just disappointed with him more than anything — and you know when a parent says they’re disappointed in you, it’s so much worse than when they’re mad.”

But will Rafe jumping in the sack with Kate be the final straw in his and Jordan’s relationship? Stause doesn’t think so! “When somebody does something like that, I don’t know that it can ever be the same completely,” she explains. “But if anything, it definitely gives them a lot of layers to play, because that’s now a history and a past: If they do try to work it out, it’s going to give more meaning to a lot of different things, because there’s that past. If they don’t, say you’re just running into someone in the Horton Town Square, it’s different than just running into anyone. So I don’t know exactly which way 100 percent they’re going to go with it, but I do love working with Galen, and I feel like even though it’s not the most happy place right now with the two of them, I do feel like it’s very obvious that they care about each other a lot and that mistake doesn’t change that for either of them.”

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

However, Jordan may not have a whole lot of time to focus on romance, because whatever she’s been running from since arriving in Salem is about to bite to her in the butt — and it’s bound to leave one big, ugly scar! “As far as the storyline goes, I honestly can’t wait for what’s coming up,” Stause teases. “I’ve already filmed it, and it’s so good. I’m happy with the way it turned out, and I know it took awhile to get there, but the storyline that unfolds, which is what is unraveling now, I feel like it’s going to be worth it. I’m really happy with the layers and the performances; it’s gonna get a little juicy!”

The actress couldn’t say specifically what is about to explode on screen, but she hints viewers have already seen the edges reveal themselves. “Clyde (James Read) is her stepfather, and Clyde is Ben’s () biological father. And they share a mother. Now, where is the mother?” she asks in a teasing manner. “And why did they leave when they left? What is Clyde involved with now that he’s in Salem? And it has come out that he was physically abusive with them… and obviously, there’s going to be a bit more of a Pandora’s box that opens with that.”

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

In fact, Stause teases that SO much more is about to hit the screen. “We’re going to see exactly what it is that she was so fearful of, and why she put so much effort into running away like that and not having a life, jumping from state to state with her brother,” she says. “There’s deeper stuff there, which I’m excited for everyone to see!”

As for whom she’d love to see play her mother (if “DAYS” plans to bring one into the story, of course), Stause is torn: “There are so many people,” she enthuses. “ (Kristen DiMera) is already taken as another character, but I would totally pick her. (Eve Donovan) would be another person, but she’s already taken, too.”

So who to turn to? “!” she exclaims of her former “” co-star/current star of Lifetime’s “.” “She used to play my boss on ‘AMC,’ so that would be great!”

Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

Time will tell whether or not the sudser will cast a mom for Ben and Jordan. In the meantime, Stause is enjoying the onscreen family she’s already got. “[Robert Scott Wilson] is great; he’s from Boston, and he’s got such great energy,” she shares. “I feel like he really brings a great passion to his character and he’s got that good fire that they wanted Ben to have, because he’s a little angry about the past and what’s been taken from him and that kind of stuff, so I feel like he adds a lot, and I love working with him. I feel like we have a really good rapport as brother and sister. He’s a really cool guy.”

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

And she says working with Read has been a blast, too. “I swapped a crazy mom for a crazy dad!” she jokes of her “AMC” past, where her Pine Valley alter ego, Amanda, called crazy Janet From Another Planet her mother. “I like the element of having a hard past and that kind of stuff… Everyone wants to play crazy, because it’s just more fun to play, and if it makes Jordan crazy, bring it on!”

No matter which way the story goes, Stause assumes that her alter ego is strong enough to hold her own. “Anyone who’s a tough as nails physical therapist definitely has [strength] in them; when you think about the job and what that would entail the whole time, I feel like they have to be really tough personalities,” she explains. “So I’m excited for viewers to see more of that side of her, because once you realize everything that she’s gone through, when you see what’s coming out as the next month rolls along, you’ll see definitely see that she’s not a shrinking violet!”

  • Pamela Sellarole

    Ms. Stause said she would have liked Eileen Davidson playing her mother. Well why not? It would give Kristen more dimension if she’s had a baby and given her away, only to be reunited with her now. And Jordan would certainly have to come out of her shell to deal with that kind of bombshell–that Mrs. Weston (Ben’s mother)was not her bio-Mom after all.

  • missmeka1987

    I think Andrea Evans(Rebecca Crane) from Passions should play her mother one thing for sure I love jafe just wish they would give Jordan’s character spark.

  • Christine Golding

    Personally I think Jordan and her brother need to leave now. Rafe will need time to get over and then they need to pair her with Rafe.

  • sands of time

    I love the storyline involving Jordan, Ben and Clyde! It started out at a snail’s pace and has had bursts of energy closer and closer. The outcome will be explosive!!!

  • Odette/Odile

    I’m enjoying this part of Days (as I’m enjoying the entire show since deciding to give it a try). If anything, it seems the writers have been keeping Miss Stause and Jordan under a tight rein in terms of layering the character for this particular moment. I think this may be the story to give her the chance to finally “let loose” with a bigger range of emotions that, up till now, have only been hinted at. I’m looking forward to seeing what more this lovely actress has to reveal for us. And I’m hoping this will contribute additional layers to her “brother”, Ben (Robert Scott Wilson), as I sense the same tight rein treatment has been used for his character.