BREAKING NEWS: Justin Hartley is ‘Y&R’s’ New Adam Newman

Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

He’s been prancing around Genoa City only showing his hands to viewers, while the rest of the town thinks he’s dead, but Adam Newman is most certainly returning to CBS’ “” in the coming months with a new face after supposedly dying in a fiery explosion in late January as played by actor . TV Guide‘s Michael Logan is reporting that “” and “” star is returning to daytime television to assume the role of the devilish Adam just in time for the all important November sweeps period. Hartley, who will report to the CBS Television Center studio where “Y&R” is filmed in late September, previously portrayed the role of Fox Crane on NBC’s “” from 2002 to 2006.

“I’m so pumped about joining ‘Y&R’ — I watch it all the time and can’t wait to get in there and get my hands dirty!” said Hartley of his joining daytime’s most watched drama series in an interview with TV Guide. “I have great respect for daytime drama. I love the branding. I love the style. What can I say? I love good soap!”

Hartley notes he “came away feeling very excited” after meeting with “Y&R” executive producer and CBS Daytime Senior Vice President . “The powers that be are smart, lovely people with kind hearts. It’ll be wonderful going to work knowing I’m really wanted.”

For more on Hartley’s joining the soap, click here.

  • Andrew Hass

    I think this is a good casting choice by Y&R because Justin has soap opera experience and fans too.Plus Justin Hartley is only 2 years younger than Michael Muhney.

  • Congrats to Justin and Y&R! Justin has always seemed like a really great guy, and more importantly, he seems very excited and humble. Welcome to Genoa City!

  • sands of time

    I think JH will do a fine job. It would be interesting to see how Adam reacts to his step mother’s sexual liaison with her booze buddy.

  • Darlene

    I can’t get excited about nu-Adam, especially when he describes Phelps and McDaniel as being “smart, lovely people with kind hearts”. Are you kidding me? The last 8 months have been horrible for Michael Muhney and his fans. Those women are certainly not as JH describes them. They’re evil nasty people who let salacious rumors and lies stay out there in the public arena and showed no respect for an actor who brought Y&R over a million extra viewers before his departure.. Of course, they all left with him which is great and I hope that more viewers leave this trashy show! Also JFP showed no interest in providing anything that long term fans asked for…so no allegiance to her for sure.

    • Andrew Hass

      You’re right that Y&R may have lost a million viewers but that happened around the time the Billy Miller left.Yeah the show lost viewers because Michael Muhney was gone but they have lost viewers too because Billy Miller left.As for those salacious lie and rumors, as far as i know Phelps and McDaniel never said they were true or that Muhney was guilty.

      • Darlene

        That’s true. They didn’t but they didn’t say anything to help out the situation either when they could have. I have no respect for either of them and wish that they were fired for their competence.

        • Andrew Hass

          Since both ladies are executives maybe the lawyers at CBS told then not to say anything about the situation because it could have been used against them somehow.Plus anyone in their position might have done the same thing they did and kept quiet.

          • JayTN

            I agree. How often do we hear people say “I cannot comment on that, based on the advice of my attorney”? Haven’t Muhney’s fans argued that he stayed silent for so long because of a “gag order”? Perhaps that “gag” also applied to the “other side” as well?

      • Darlene

        BM and MM left on the same day. MM has the greater # of fans. BM does not communicate with fans…not on social media as far as I know.

        • Andrew Hass

          How do you know that Michael Muhney has more fans than Billy Miller?I don’t think there’s any way to tell for sure how many fans an actor has.

        • Lee

          Actors move on.. Better opportunities ahead.. Love y&r..

      • michaelenegon

        Because HUNTER KING LIED!!!!!!!

      • Suzzana Martin

        They left at the same time!

    • Kelly

      Since when did those two JFP and JM become Saints?

      • Darlene

        I’m not sure what you mean? What I said was that I disagreed with how Justin Hartley described them. They’re nasty women but I’m sure he’ll be “brown nosing” for a while until he realizes just how miserable they are to work for.

      • michaelenegon

        ya do what ya have to do in the dog eat dog world of acting. A little brown-nosing…and as I said…combined with a “Bees and honey” ‘tude???? But will it be a good fit? I HATE HUNTER KING…the one who made the false accusations. I suggest you all get on that bandwagon, and let us rid Y&R of HER? She is not a good actress. Any blond can take over her role as Summer.

    • michaelenegon

      Bees and honey??????

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Justin has been doing well outside daytime and did well in daytime. Great choice. Look forward to seeing him as Adam. I hope he can make me like the character again.

  • Yikes,does nothing for me at all! 🙁

  • Wanda Wright

    Even thou I Love Michael; Good choice, I hope he can bring it…

    • Darlene

      Enjoy him. Do NOT like how this all went down. I’m sure it was all carefully planned by JFP and a cast mate. According to recent reports, JFP would not work with MM when Sony & CBS wanted to bring MM back.
      JFP is calculating and now that they have re-signed her contract, she will begin her firing again so that she can bring in FOJ’s. Enjoy Y&R while it’s still on…don’t imagine it will make it for the long haul.

      • Andrew Hass

        If Sony and CBS really wanted MM back i don’t think it would have mattered if JFP didn’t want to work with him or not.So since you pointed out that JFP just got her contract renewed i’m guessing that means Sony and CBS wanted her more than they wanted MM.As for Y&R it’s been renewed through 2017.So it’s going to be on for a few more years.

        • JayTN

          I know that Muhney fans have a disdain for “rumors” and “hearsay”, yet everything that Darlene said is unverified rumors and hearsay. Do as I say, not as I do, I guess.

      • Dear, it’s time to pack up your things and move on now. You’ve been carrying-on with this nonsense for two whole days. The hatred you have towards Phelps is irrelevant at this point. Justin is the new Adam Newman. No amount of bellyaching is going to reverse that decision.

  • sharon1188

    I LOVE Michael Muhney. And I stopped watching Y&R when he left, saying that no one could ever replace him as Adam. UNTIL I saw this guy on Mistresses recently. I told my husband, “See this guy? HE could be Adam!” I am SO psyched to see him in the role, and believe me, I NEVER thought I’d be saying that about anyone. He’s extremely engaging, and I found myself rewinding scenes of Mistresses just to watch him. I still love MM, and can’t wait to see him elsewhere. But this is quite a get for Y&R.

  • Blink

    Y&R knew they needed some one who was already established and Justin Hartley fits the bill…..and I bet it cost them a pretty penny too. I foresee some characters leaving GC who are hanger ons. And what a class act for Michael Muhney to be one of the first to congratulate him. Since Hartley is use to the genre, I’m sure he’s use to “egos” ….. wish him the best. Maybe his Adam and the new Phyllis will hit it off.

    • michaelenegon

      MM is indeed a class act. Giving even more credence that he was FALSELY accused by that any old blond non-actress…HUNTER KING!!!!!!
      We’, reserve any further judgement on JH. Other than Y&R has to rid him of his “pretty boy” look. Yes, I am an avid Revenger….and know him from his role there.

  • RobNYC

    What a great get for Y & R. He is a great choice for the new Adam and clearly a lot of effort and patience went into the casting. Congratulations to Y&R. I see an exciting season ahead.

  • Sarah Schuster

    Never heard of this guy. Hope he can act and do the part of Adam Newman justice

    • Darlene

      He’s Melissa Claire Megan’s best friend’s boyfriend.

      • Sarah Schuster

        OK thanks for the info

      • Andrew Hass

        What does that have to do with anything?I don’t think that was why he was hired.Plus since Chelsea and Adam will be involved wouldn’t Melissa Claire Egan being best friends with Justin’s girlfriend make things a little awkward?

        • JayTN

          …and it’s not like Hartley’s never acted before. 😉

          • Lee


  • Fox

    I love Justin, and as noted, this is a great ‘get’ for Y&R, but seriously, I think he would have been a better choice to play NuNuNuBilly.

  • afterlife

    He is handsome enough but can he act and pull off Michael Muhney’s Adam Newman?

  • Ellen Sklar-Danberry

    if anyone watches mistresses on mondays he plays scott joss’s fiance hes a great actor very cute i think he will be better than michael muhney.

  • don

    I am will to give a chance and keep my comment until he appears in november.

  • Ali Wichrowski

    Although I didn’t watch Mistresses, I watched him on Revenge. And I thought and I thought what a HUNK!!!!!! He’s perfect for the role of Adam.

  • Darlene Gear

    Congrats! Great choice 🙂

  • Ann Scattergood

    Shame about replacing the other guy. I really liked the actor that previously played the part. What a dumba$$. To risk his sure thing for a cheap feel. Welcome, Justin.

    • Suzzana Martin

      There has been no truth to that. They even asked him back to try to save their asses. They couldn’t come to an agreement.

  • SweetTweet

    Was the first Adam asked to reprise the role?

    • JayTN

      Given how the original Adam departed (caught up in accusations of homophobia), I doubt the Y&R producers would want him back.

  • zak

    Please bring back Billy, Michael, and Michelle. The show hasn’t been the same.

  • michaelenegon

    who knows? Kinda “pretty” for Adam….Y&R people need to rough him up a bit. Does he have the chops for the Steely eyes going head to head with Eric Braeden…TGVN???? MM could do it all. Time will tell.

  • Maria Oihcrepmoc

    Well I don’t know this Justin Hartley and I am sad that Michael Muhney is not coming back he is a great actor I love him he just has that special gift he makes people love him or hate him he is that good.This new guy I just don’t know the new Billy Abbott I Don’t like him at all he looks like a goody to shoes.

  • Suzzana Martin

    Good luck with that , YOU are jumping on a sinking ship.

    • If Muhney had returned like his fans wanted wouldn’t he be jumping back onto a sinking ship?

  • mary

    The main issue is this – when Chelsea, Victor and Genoa City see Adam for the first time, it will totally lack the drama and meaning, since the new Adam is not the Adam that was “killed”. The dramatic and character impact will not be there. IMO, sadly.