thaaopenghlis_05_4x5From tea for two with , to fitting for a suit, to stirring up trouble in “’” as Tony DiMera, “’s” (Victor Cassadine) has done it all. So it’s no surprise that he also has the tile of author, having just released a new book titled “Places: The Journey of my Days, My Lives.”

Released today on Amazon and, his memoir sheds light on the reasons he became an actor — “to fund his unyielding desire for spiritual and exotic travel,” so says the book’s official description — as well as showcases his mix of Greek and Australian heritage against the backdrop of Hollywood. It also includes quite a bit about his early soap opera experience.

“The day has arrived,” the actor tweeted about the book’s release. “It’s been a great joy unraveling the memories that made such a difference in the way I see life.”

Adds the Los Angeles Greek consul: “Thaao Penghlis combines the best of 3 worlds: His Greek origin gave him the spirit of Ulysses and the wisdom to enjoy the journey. His Australian upbringing graced him with a deep and philosophical sense of humor, and his life and work as an actor in [the] United States and especially in Los Angeles led him to a brilliant career and a better knowledge of himself and the demanding art of acting. His book is as exciting as his life and leaves us with a positive feeling of how many things we can achieve when we dare to follow our dreams.”