How Important Are the Daytime Emmys? Industry Insiders Speak Out!

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

However, not everyone agrees that the Emmy madness serves as motivation. “It’s a wonderful question, and I’ll be perfectly frank with you about it: Emmys do not inspire you to work harder as an actor,” opines “’” (Brady Black), who received his first nomination and won for Supporting Actor this year. “I do the best that I can every day, and it’s been a harder grind when the money has gotten smaller and the demand has gotten higher. But I’ve been in the game almost 12 years now, and this is my first nomination this year. It is exciting, but at the same time, I don’t view it as a celebration of me: I view this as a celebration of the genre itself, because two years ago, we saw soaps being cancelled. We thought we were done. So the Emmys in themselves have become a different monster to me. They’re no longer a competition to me. It’s not about whether your actor is better than our actor, or whether your show is better than our show. It’s more of a collaborative effort now.”

“DAYS’” (Abigail Deveraux) agrees. “I think that if you get too caught up in thinking about the Emmys, then you lose that there’s the element of teamwork, which is really important when you’re an actor on our shows,” she says.

In fact, “Y&R’s” (Stitch Rayburn) says that thinking too much of Emmy time can actually hinder an actor’s work rather than make it better. “You can’t really think about the Emmys when you’re working; I had some very emotional scenes the other day, and I had to concentrate on what my circumstances were, you know?” he says. “And I find that when you do that, you find yourself at award shows [afterward].”

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

However, it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to whether or not the Emmys are present in actors’, writers’ and producers’ minds when it comes to scripts and creating good shows. “There are times when I read scripts, and in the back of my head, I think, ‘Oh, these are going to be good Emmy scenes!’” says “B&B’s (Hope Logan). “And when you get scenes like that, it definitely makes you want to work on them a little bit harder and find those moments a little bit more, because you know that hopefully you can submit these, and your hard work will really pay off.”

  • Andrew Hass

    I’m sure the shows and the actors are proud when they win an Emmy or even nominated because it’s proof of the excellent work they do.However they may also know Emmys are not the be all end all because it doesn’t stop them from getting fired.Plus an Emmy nomination /win is for the work the shows and the actors did during the previous year and they might know what’s important now is what they do this year and in the future and not what they did in the past.

  • truth

    Well this Emmy game is above all about politic agenda..not so much about talent..so thankfully it doesn’t give you much points for your career..because they would not deserve it in my opnion. Most of the time this show is just shallow self-congratulation..therefore a joke..but Daytime emmys is not the only awards show who is just sugary self-congratulation..on other mediums it is the same revolting joke..there is just few exceptions like Cannes Festival for example..where they chose most of the time winners on talent and interesting, challenging material..and sometimes..just sometimes the Oscars..but here again what matter the most is the ‘campaign’ for ONE freaking year so again political agenda..I really really don’t respect these vomit worthy awards shows..they meant NADA..except for the ego and in this industry they have enough without these shows.

  • molliesugar

    Daytime Emmys are the equivalent of a kids soccer league Participated Award.There are in the equivalent of Kentucky(or any state) inbred genealogy tree.

  • qarahiyo

    The daytime emmys is :inconsequential