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Steven Bergman Photography

Soap Opera Network‘s coverage of the red carpet at the 41st Annual continues, this time with , who was supporting three shows: “” (on which she plays Liza Park), “” (on which she played Emily Bowen-Quartermaine) and “” (on which she played Taylor Walker).

Soap Opera Network: You look beautiful! Who’s the designer of your dress?

Livingston: The House of Van Miller in Atlanta. I ran into fashion expert in Atlanta, and he recommended the House of Van Miller. They made this dress for me, and they’re just fantastic. And then Tania Spinelli is a dear friend of mine, and she made these four inch heels. They’re very comfortable.

How lucky are you that you ran into a dress designer and have a friend that makes shoes? You got hooked up!

I know! Serindipity. It’s the craziest thing, and I have no idea how it happened.

So can you take me through your day leading up to the red carpet?

Well I brought my little nieces, so I have Hannah, Gracie and Allie, who unfortunately they wouldn’t let on the red carpet, because it’s so crowded. And they’re devastated, but they’re so sweet, and they’ll have a great time. So we just played dress up this morning and did our nails and got our hair and makeup done.

How fun! Sounds like a near-perfect day for them. Is there anyone in particular that you’re rooting for tonight?

I don’t know everyone who’s nominated, but I’ve worked on “General Hospital” and on “DAYS,” so it’s hard to choose. I’d be happy for anybody.