WATCH: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie Trailer Revealed; Would ‘DAYS” James Scott Have Been a Better Lead?

Keith Mayhew/Landmark/JPI Studios
Keith Mayhew/Landmark/JPI Studios

When news first hit that the controversial novel “” was going to be made into a movie, rumors within the daytime community started spreading: “’” (EJ DiMera) was reportedly being considered for the lead role of Christian Grey, a handsome yet tormented billionaire who lures a young woman named Anastasia () into his dark world of sexual fantasies.

With his Salem experience, Scott seemed perfect for the role. But alas, “Once Upon a Time’s” was cast, instead. Fast forward to today: The official trailer for the film — due out on Valentine’s Day weekend 2015 — has just been released. So we’re curious: Do you think the producers were right to cast Dornan in the role? Or would Scott have made a better Christian Grey for the EL James written novel-turned-movie? Watch the trailer after the jump and let us know in the comment section below!


  • Sally VanDyke

    I think Jamie Dornan is fine…it’s Dakota Johnson that does! not! fit!

    Totally unbelievable in that trailer.

  • Hope

    I definitely think James would have fit the role perfectly, especially since his role as EJ DiMera is similar to Christian Grey. His attractiveness and height makes him even more of a perfect fit for the character, in the physical sense. I also could have seen Kate Mansi, who plays Abigail on DAYS, as Anastasia. Her relationship with EJ just reminded me so much of Anastasia and Christian from Fifty Shades of Grey lol. But, I will still go see the movie when it comes out. I just wish James was Christian!

    • truth

      Euh just no..Fifty shades of grey is garbage but this Ej/Abigail stuff on Days is/was just utter TRASH. The girl playing Abby doesn’t look ‘ingenue’ but mean highschool girl. At least Dakota Johnson looks innocent. Moreover Ej seemed like an old pervert with a mean highschool girl in the ‘sex scenes’ it was gross and creepy. On this movie both actors at least look to be age appropriate and the girl seems ‘ingenue, innocent’ not evil slutty girl like Abigail from Days. Thankfully. However this movie seems flat and both actors don’t seem to have much chemistry..and the material is just juvenile and awful.

      • Kelly Myers

        Jealous? You just wish it was you with Christian Grey.

        • truth

          Jealous ? are funny..i am glad i don’t look like ugly mean girl Kate what’s her name. THANKFULLY for me.

          • sands of time

            EJabby did a number on you! Should Kate Mansi be worried? Face it…EJ was attracted to the sweet innocent Abby…someone more ladylike than Sami ever could be. It’s so unfortunate that EJ and Sami dragged Abby into their crazy world. It’s a good thing that Ben is there for her…and Will and Sonny and Jennifer and Adrienne and Lucas and, well, you get the picture…lol

          • Kelly Myers

            The more you talk, the more convinced I am that you are jealous!

    • ejalltheway

      I so agree with you Hope..100%. JAMES AND KATE Mansi would have been perfect. Also Angelina Jolie as the older ex-girlfriend!

    • mskiki70


  • na

    James was my choice. He’s the only actor that can convey pure sexuality, sexual tension on screen.

  • Are we really suppose to believe she’s a 20-something college student? She looks older than he is.

    • truth

      Nope, they look the same age and actually it is better than creepy old man with a girl still almost a about a ‘pedophile old pervert wet dream’ yuk..

      • We must be looking at two different people, because she looks like a woman in her middle thirties…under eye bags equipped as well. He is the youthful looking one here. Jamie is great in “The Fall” and I hope he doesn’t get too much backlash when the film is released.

  • Kelly Myers

    James Scott would have been the PERFECT choice!!! Sorry Jamie, you just don’t fit the part.

    • truth

      Nether Jamie or James fit the part because this ‘part’ is garbage.
      Both actors deserve better. Jamie was awesome at the beautiful, seductive young man on Marie Antoinette..he can easily do it, but the material has to be there. That is all.

      • Kelly Myers

        That’s your opinion. Mine is James Scott would have been better.

  • ejalltheway

    I still believe James Scott would have been a much better choice. James definitely has the acting chops to play Christian Grey. The book specifically refers to his height and how he is usually the tallest in the room. Jamie Dornan just doesn’t fit the description
    Of the book. James Scott is 6’4 and can play the aloof a**hole, and turn around and be a sweet kitten. He seriously is an excellent actor! NO offense to Jamie, I’m sure he is great. It’s just James Scott is Christian Grey!

    • lulu

      James deserves better tha playing this totally weak/corny written character.
      And by the way he did express he was not interested in the least..he found this ‘story’ totally ridiculous.

  • Roger Griffith

    50 Shades of Grey video mania http://VineSnap.NET/#50ShadesofGrey

  • Andrea

    James Scott hands down! I am very disappointed in their casting choice. He’s not bad looking he just doesn’t look man enough to boyish.

  • Ginger

    Oh please! James was never in the running for this role. SON is killing me with these waste of space articles lately like they have nothing good to report.

    • Regina

      Actually, James was in a running for this role. The Today Show did a segment on the show showing viewers the votes from their FB page on show people think should play CG. The top two runners were James and Clint Eastwoods’ son.

    • Kelly Myers

      Um, yes he was.

  • Bonbon

    James Scott. Definitely as described as the character in the book.

  • Regina

    James Scott would be better/the best in anything! I know nothing of 50 Shades, but I would see it if James were in it. He would get more recognition, which he deserves because he is the greatest actor on tv in my opinion. He’s beyond sexy, talented, and hardworking.

  • ccg

    I cant wait to see the movie, since I read the books my image of Grey is more of a James Scott, but hey lets wait and see…

  • mskiki70

    James Scott would have been 100% better! Him or the guy that plays the lead on Arrow. I am surprised the girl is so ugly, she is supposed to be beautiful but not know it, that girl is just plain ick

    • lulu

      Ugh Dakota is pretty. Certainly much more beautiful than the dirty looking gal always with a smirk and a mouth open who plays Aby on Days..althought it is not hard.

      • mary

        She is not pretty, are you joking

        • Deborah V

          Not seeing beautiful, or steamy, or so attractive he can’t stop thinking about her girl here at all …. Look at those teeth, squinty eyes … split ends, come on ….


      she is not ugly the “innocence” of her is what makes her beautiful, and to “some” men she would be considered beautiful, untouched by plastic and “labels” does not in anyway make some one ugly…..

  • Tinaa


  • Tinaa

    I like neither one of them.
    since i read the books , I had a completely different Picture of Christian Grey in my head

  • Doreen Jarvis

    James Scott fits my mental picture. And he has the smoldering good looks that Christian had. He can tie me up any day!!!!!!

  • Buffy

    No one made a better Christian than Matt Bomer! Sexy eyes, body and for Ana it was Alexis Bledel she had the look of innocence

  • William Wallace

    Looks like a remake of 9-1/2 weeks

  • chiro

    James Scott handsdown! Jaime does not have the look….at all! I will not be paying for a movie ticket.

    • Deborah V

      Agreed …. they blew it with their choice. Not the guy at all! Once the 20 year olds go, no one else will …. Should have been someone who would appeal to 40-50 year olds too… James would have been appealing to all ages!

  • Patti

    James Scott for sure! Who decided on this actor??? A guy??? They should have polled all the women who read the book, and hands down, would have picked the perfect couple for this role.

  • Jean

    I agreed James Scott would have been perfect for this lead role for sure.

  • Amanda Wilson

    If James Scott could master a clear and concise English accent then yes, he probably would have made a better Christian than Jamie Dornan. I don’t care for him in the wrong at all. Yes, he has a very intense stare but that’s about the only Christian Grey attribute that he’s managed to portray.. At least from what I can see in the trailer, anyway. I personally would have loved to see T.J. Dalrymple play Christian Grey. TJ portrayed him in the fan film We Aim to Please last year and did a fantastic job! I think they would have been better off casting an actor who is unknown or relatively so versus someone who can be seen as another character on another show currently on the air. for those of you who have not seen the fan film you should definitely Google it! I was more excited by the seven and a half minutes of the fan film than I was the two and a half minutes of the trailer for the actual movie.



  • Jennifer

    thats an easy one. yes of course scott would have been a better pick!!!

  • kcastor

    jamine dornan is the perfect christian grey, any arguments are invalid,

    • Sarah O Taylor

      Wow, we have know-it-all in our midst! :0)
      Ugh, how can any of you even be interested or want an actor you LIKE in this film? It’s garbage, which is why A-list actors were cast.

    • happyscrapper

      You just invalidated every other comment on here but yours? Who the hell do you think you are? A jerk, that’s who.

  • Tiffany Mitchell

    Although I wasn’t happy with the casting choices except who is playing Eliot, I think the world will be happy with the movie itself.

  • Nicole

    James Scott for sure! He’s a brilliant actor and incredibly good looking.

  • Pam

    Christian Grey isn’t believable and not sure why or how he got that role over James Scott. James Scott after watching his previous work, has this character, hands down on every level. So strange. Christian Grey does not fit the part at all.

  • happyscrapper

    I can’t believe they aren’t using James Scott. He is an incredible actor and drop dead gorgeous!! Sexiest man alive!!

  • Hattie

    James Scott hands down! He is who I envisioned over and over again when I pictured Christian Grey! He had the perfect demeanor, looks, and personality within his role on DOOL to perfect this role! Boy, did they get it wrong! 🙁

  • diane

    James Scott…He makes my mouth water..