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‘Y&R’s’ Phyllis Summers: While You Were Sleeping… (Photos) + Gina Tognoni’s First Airdate Revealed!

After nearly a year in a coma, CBS' "The Young and the Restless" will once again say hello to Phyllis Summers when daytime veteran Gina Tognoni takes over the role beginning Monday, August 11, Soap Opera Network has learned exclusively. In our tribute to the character as she gets ready to wake up for the first time in the coming weeks, we take a look back at what Phyllis has missed while she was sleeping, including what former loves Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) have been up to since last seeing their favorite feisty redhead.

Katherine Died

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Phyllis wasn’t the only feisty lady that Genoa City lost last year: The town’s matriarch, Katherine Chancellor, died in her sleep on August 1, 2013, after a real-life illness took the life of her portrayer, , on May 8, 2013.

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  • Kelly

    umm nothing against the actress but she is not RED.. they need a real RED Head.. how long will it be b4 she longer has red locks… so not happy

    • Susie

      I love she is a great actress loved her on GL. Can’t wait till she start on Y&R . God luck and can’t wait❤️


        Dinah Marler she played on Guiding Light too and I Loved her on that!! Daughter to Ross and Blake< Miss Red wish she hadn't went off but I believe that Gina Will do her best to Play Phylis!! Good Luck Gina!!

    • Sarah O Taylor

      Huh?? Jack always calls her “Red” and isn’t there a perfume by Jabot that Jack named after Phyllis? Called it RED? Phyllis will have red hair.
      Neither Michelle nor Gina is a natural red-head, so you can cheer up now 🙂

  • cgoff0704

    Kelly she is a red head, look to the right and you will see a pic of redheaded “Phyllis”

  • PhyllisNewmanFan

    Yes Phyllis is going to be RedHead Gina Tweeted said Phyllis going to be a RedHead

  • Looking forward to seeing Gina. 🙂

  • Joel

    I’m VERY excited about Gina joining the cast! Wasn’t my first selection, but I have a strong feeling she will do amazingly well!

  • t hoose

    i hope shes as good as michelle stafford because she has big shoes to fill but any way i am glad they are waking her up finally its will spice things up for sure

  • blake3b

    Gina is going to KILL IT!!! Seeing that pic of her reminds me of when she played bad girl Dinah on Guiding Light. Those were the great days of GL, I need to look them up on youtube.

    Gina is going to be amazing, Y&R is so lucky to have her!!!

    • chevjuls

      Can’t wait until she confront Sharon about what she knows about Summer been Nicks daughter, and pushing her down the stairs, or will she lose her memory about everything.

    • Alodia

      She will never replace Michelle ,mark my words!

  • sands of time

    The coma worked wonders for her! All that beauty rest took away many years!!!

  • Andrew Hass

    I think Gina Tognoni will do a great job and she has soap experience.

  • denverdean

    I’ll look for the pictures elsewhere – don’t need to scroll through 14 (!) pages of “Elmer Fudd” to get to the point of the story. Kind of cheap way of getting page views. I’m looking forward to GT’s take on Phyllis. She is a worthy successor to MS.

  • Deborah Larrance Coleman

    I do like Gina but she doesnt seem old enough to play Phyllis.

    • Joel

      Michelle is 48, Gina is 40. It’s only an eight-year difference.

      • Crystal Goff

        Michelle turns 46 in September

        • Joel

          She’s 48, not turning 46.

          • Crystal Goff

            sorry, she is 45 and will be 46 in September!

          • Joel

            Michelle was born in ’65, she can’t be turning 46.

          • Crystal Goff

            She was born in 1968 not 1965

          • Joel

            Where is that found? Because I found over 10 creditable sources that came her birthdate in 1965.

          • Crystal Goff

            she graduated from High School in 1986, had brain surgery for a tumor in 1987, modeled in Asia and Europe until 1990, started acting in commercials, landing a role on Tribes in 1990 when she was 20 and was cast as Phyllis in 1994 at the age of 24.

          • Joel

            LOL. You totally ignored my question and made up libelous lies.

          • Crystal Goff

            Actually all the truth, evidently you do not know anything about Michelle’s bio.

          • Sarah O Taylor

            Michelle Stafford (from imdb)

            Actress |

            Writer |


            Official Photos

            Two-time Emmy (R) Award-winning actress Michelle Stafford stars in the #1-rated The Young and the Restless
            (1973), viewed by more than 20 million people every day in some 20
            countries worldwide. Michelle joined the cast of “The Young and the
            Restless” in 1994 and has since developed her role of “Phyllis” into one
            of the most popular and vivacious …
            See full bio »


            September 14,


            Chicago, Illinois, USA

          • Crystal Goff

            Big deal, I go by what I know, she graduated from high school with my son

          • Skptex66

            You are a nut job. She was born in 1965 and graduated from Crescents Valley High School in 1983. I went to school with her. I have the yearbook to prove it. “Crystal Goff” you are a whack-a-doodle!!

          • Sarah O Taylor

            Oh Joel… just when i was on your side. (And you BOTH need to cut it out, it’s becoming really annoying for the rest of us)
            “Libelous lies” (hehe) are untrue statements made in print that are intended to harm a person’s character. Crystal is incorrect, but that libelous thing was just funny. 🙂

          • Joel

            Sarah, I stopped talking about this like one month ago… you dragging it back up is the annoying part, and who is “the rest of us”, haha.

          • Sarah O Taylor

            Crystal, *I* was born in 1969 and am 45. Trust me – Michelle is in noooooo way my age!! What is your source? And why do two keep fighting about it? 😀

      • Sarah O Taylor

        I wondered how old Gina is, that has been my biggest concern. I saw some TV movie with Jamie Luner in it (she was, as some might know, a re-cast for a character on AMC and long story short, she was just too young to be believed. So I hope that doesn’t happen with Gina. But we shall see! 🙂

  • Patrick Ferrando

    I hope she’s smart enough to give us some of Stafford’s Phyllis until she settles into the role.
    Case in point…Cady totally undid everything that made Kelly interesting by acting NOTHING like her. So far not a good recast. Sorry, Cady.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Andrew Hass

      The fact that Phyllis has been in a coma for a year might help Tognoni a little because the coma is the perfect way to explain any behavior changes Phyllis might have when she wakes up.That way it gives Tognoni time to settle into the role because Phyllis might still suffer from the effects of the coma and even her injury when she wakes up.

    • Joel

      If she did anything to resemble Stafford, it would be bad for her. Plus, the majority of the fans would flip out. And the fact that Cady didn’t do anything to be Cynthia is why I like Kelly as a character so much more now, than I did then. Cynthia couldn’t fully commit to the character like Cady can and has.

    • sands of time

      All that crossing fingers will cause arthritis!

    • Lindy

      I actually think that Cady’s Kelly is a much more interesting character than before. She has more depth and maturity, while the old Kelly seemed one-dimensional to me. But you are right, she did make the character her own from the get go. I just think it works a lot better.

  • Sarah O Taylor

    We have had such upheaval at Y&R, so many people have been angry and complaining. I just sort of roll with it these days. I have only seen Gina play Kelly Cramer and don’t know more than that. I never think it’s wise to decide before she has even started. The new actors (and some who have been there a few years or for pretty much ever (ahemVictorhaters) have been raked over the coals on all of the message boards, it’s been sucking the fun out of discussing with others.

    I really hope TPTB at Y&R will really think about re-casts and new characters SO carefully, they’re expecting a lot from the audience.

    I do have one note though – that hair had better be red! :0)