THIS WEEK: The ‘Y&R’ Bombshell That Will Change Their Lives Forever


The Bombshell That Will Change Their Lives Forever


After getting shot on last week’s “,” Paul Williams () needs a liver transplant and the only person who might be able to save his life is Dylan McAvoy (), but how is that possible? Well in a twist that’s about to rock Genoa City, it looks like Dylan might actually be Paul’s son with Nikki Newman () and not Ian Ward’s ().


On the Friday, June 13 episode, after Stitch () revealed that Paul’s blood type is causing a problem for the medical team working on him as they try to find a donor match, Dylan noted that he is AB negative, the same as Paul. With only 1% of the population with that blood type, making it extremely rare, one only has to put two and two together to figure out that Dylan is really Paul’s son, considering Nikki’s proclamation she was only with Paul and Ian during the given time frame. Such a revelation will definitely put yet another strain on Nikki’s relationship with her husband, Victor Newman (), when he finds out. Victor after all has never been fond of Dylan and has never kept his feelings quiet.

So what’s Victor doing meeting Ian, telling him “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”? You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

  • My question is where can Ian go from here? Forget about Dylan, because we all saw this coming months ago. All I’m asking for is a real showdown between Ian and The Mustache. RELEASE the crazy!

    • rose

      Yep, bring on the crazy!

    • ButterflyFX

      I agree totally. Old school Victor crazy.

  • fanny

    OH PLEASE! The viewers saw this coming a long time ago…How original!
    Just one more way to have Dylan right, left and center on our screens. UGH!
    I really don’t give a damn about this rewritten storyline.