THIS WEEK: A Hero Will Fall on ‘Y&R’

A hero will fall.

His life on the line and his attacker goes on the run…


On today’s episode of CBS’ “,” Christine Blair () admitted to friend Lauren Fenmore () that she’s looking forward to a bright future ahead for her and her husband, Paul Williams (), which includes the possibility of her having a baby with Genoa City’s top cop. “It used to be all about my career, getting ahead and proving myself, but once I married Paul, things changed. I want us to create something together. A testament to our love… I just hope it’s not too late!”

Fans of daytime drama won’t be surprised to learn that Christine’s comments may be foreshadowing of what’s about to go down very soon across town.

In this week’s promo, Paul is caught in the crossfire after Dylan () and Austin () battle over a gun. As a result, Paul’s life hangs in the balance and Christine is worried she’s about to lose her husband, while Austin reveals plans to go on the run, but Summer () isn’t willing to let him go without her.

  • soapstix

    Summer is not suppose to be that STUPID, or is she. This is just ridiculous.

    • Dollybee

      Why do the writers come up with this stupid stoy

      • Beverly Bennett Sams

        Paul Will need a Liver transplant. Dylans liver will be a perfect match. That’s how they will reveal Paul is Dylans dad.

        • teressa

          Summer’s exit hopefully will make room for Michael Muhney to rejoin the cast SD Adam…he NEVER should have been fired

    • Dollybee

      These story lines are so very pitiful. They should have made the shooting scene more realistic.Omg the actors were terrible

  • Linda

    Good. Let Austin take summer. Bring back Michael Muhney. We want our Adam back!

  • Connie

    Who r these new people on y & r ?

  • Aprile

    Good go with Mr crazy 2014 & bring Adam back now!

  • Carrie Wendel

    Why would summer for on the run with Austin after he attempted to kill her aunt? Is she really that stupid.

    • rose

      Yes, she is beyond stupid

  • Jody Baumel

    Summer is so annoying..Wish they’d get rid of her..Paul wont die but wont be able to have kids and Christine will have to get a serrogate

  • lyte

    Paul aint going no where, he’s gonna pull thru. Summer is a nit wit! Cant u tell by her character.

    • Of course he isn’t going to die, but it’s funny watching the crazies go mad. Vowing to never watch again if Paul dies. Makes you wonder if these people just started watching soaps yesterday.

  • Karen Russell

    We all spmetimes forget that our soap stars follow a script and that it is not written very well lately not well at all and therefore they have to the best they can I think we need new writers that are mature and have better Ideas and more interesting and intriguing storyline s its getting kind if boring “a soap f
    an for over 40 years

  • michaeljmcclain .

    The reason for this story line is simple…the endgame is about Dylan. For those who have not figured it out yet, Paul is Dylan’s bio-dad. They have been setting this up for months. That is the secret that Ian knows. Now Dylan has almost caused the death of his father. I do agree, however, that the writing could be better. But this storyline is pretty good. It will bring turmoil to the marriages involved. And Mariah will turn out to be Cassie’s unknown twin. Duh! It’s a soap opera. :p

    • Bridgette Goff-england

      I said that along that Paul is Dylan father

  • jae430

    hmmm – could they be paving the way for the character of ‘summer’ to leave town so that our beloved MM can return to the sets – just sayin ; )

  • soapstix

    I don’t remember Paul and Nikki being more than friends, but I missed a lot, before I retired, even though I watched when I could. Later, I started taping some shows. I figured the writers were headed this way because of EWard, and all the implied references to things Dylan needs to know. As for Mariah, I hope she is Cassie’s twin, and have from the first day she became a real person, and not a figment of Sharon’s imagination. Hopefully she will stand by Sharon, when nobody else will, because it is obviously going to be all downhill for Sharon, at some point. As for Summer, it’s all stupid, at this point. I can’t see anyone sympathizing with this camera man/kid. I sure don’t.

  • kenboy

    Paul will not die, all I went to know when adam is coming back anyone know

  • cindy

    Ok Paul is Dillons father and they will find this out when he gives blood to save Paul. Mariah is the twin to Casey and Sharron didn’t know. Saw this coming a long time ago

    • sands of time

      YawneR has a lot of lazy, uninspired storytelling!

  • rachel sipchen

    Years ago phyllis ran down paul &christine. If I remember correctly, paul would be unable to father children as a result of that car accident!


  • Joyce T Thorne

    If they kill off the character Paul Williams, they will truly be hurting the Young and the Restless. Paul is a great part of the show and should remain there. I think that many of your viewers will stop watching.