THIS WEEK: Who Was Behind the Wheel on ‘GH’?

They survived a hit and run, but their little boy didn’t


Several weeks have gone by since the hit and run caused by an unidentified individual forced Patrick () and Sabrina’s () car to veer off the road, which resulted in Sabrina to prematurely gave┬ábirth to their son – Gabriel Drake Santiago, who has since died.

In a promo highlighting this week’s episodes, the soap pinpoints six people┬áthat may have been the one responsible for the accident – Rafe (), Silas (), Julian (), Ric (), Luke () and Ava (). Of the six, Rafe appears the most guilty.

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  • jonboy

    Because now, seemingly out of the blue (or, should I say, an afterthought), squeaky clean Rafe has drug issues.

    • Danny Hill

      Rafe may be ‘squeaky clean’, but only in the eyes of the law: he’s caused trouble any number of times – and now he’s snortin’ coke, and he may – or may not – be responsible for the accident that ultimately killed Patrick & Sabrina’s Teresa Castillo leaving GH, following the birth of her own child?

      • jonboy

        I just think the coke snorting came out of nowhere. Sure, out of love sickness he did some smarmy things but this is on a whole different level.

  • Andrew Hass

    I don’t think any of the 6 people in the promo are guilty and GH just put some of them in it to make us wonder.However i think Rafe will be accused but later it’ll be proven he didn’t do it.

  • soapstix

    This is crazy. The person was suppose to be sent by fluke, and that would mean none of the above.

    • Andrew Hass

      There was no proof except for Spencer assumption that “Luke” was behind the car accident.Just like Carlos assumed Ava was behind it.However i don’t think either “Luke” or Ava has said for sure that they were responsible.They may have just taken advantage of the situation to get what they wanted.However like you i think it was none of the above either but someone else.

  • Didn’t they do the same story with Elizabeth’s kid? I remember seeing all the GH fans crowing about it.