Former Soap Star Cameron Mathison Clears Up ‘Y&R’ Casting Rumors

Donna Svennevik/ABC
Donna Svennevik/ABC
Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

When word had it that (ex-Ryan Lavery, “”) had been spotted on the set of CBS’ “” in late April, the rumor mill immediately lit up with speculation that the actor had secretly met with show producers and had signed on to portray the contract role of Adam Newman (previously portrayed by ). Earlier today, Mathison took to Twitter to clear up said rumors while visiting Israel for a friend’s wedding.

“Just to clear up some rumors… There is absolutely NO indication that I am going to ‘Y&R’ to play Adam Newman,” Mathison tweeted. He added, “Thanks for all the support tho.”

During Mathison’s April visit to the CBS Television City Studios, where “Y&R” is filmed, the actor ran into former on screen “AMC” love interest  (ex-Annie Lavery; currently portraying Chelsea Newman on “Y&R”) and (Michael Baldwin) in the hallway. The trio ended up posing for pictures.

More recently, Mathison interviewed another former “AMC” co-star, (ex-Dixie Cooney; currently portraying Kelly Andrews on “Y&R”), for a segment that aired on “.”

  • JayTN

    And this denial means nothing, really.

    Didn’t Michelle Stafford deny that she was joining the cast of GH, and even said those people spreading those “rumors” were, well, let’s just say, less than generously endowed? So, just because Cameron Mathison says he isn’t joining Y&R doesn’t mean that he isn’t, or hasn’t already.

    • Exactly! We all know that casting denials are apart of the game, but I’m glad he showed some class, unlike Stafford.

    • Fox

      Word is, they haven’t cast anyone as Adam yet, since supposedly last week they re-issued the casting call for “Aaron Newton” changing the “begins taping date” from “May” to “July.”

    • nyvoter

      Actually MS did not “deny” or “confirm” that she was joing the cast at all; she did quip about people starting “rumors” having small pee pees, LOL … she was commenting on the ridiculous rumor mongering that goes on in general, some of it actualizing into realty, a lot dissipating in time. Was she attempting to draw attention away from her impending role …. of course, she was … although at the time I realized that she actually never denied anything and that meant everything. What finally quelched the rumor for a while was that, in the S/L, Nina (unseen at this time) was supposed to have suddenly died, so it seemed to be the end of Stafford rumors. As soon as it came to light that Nina had not died at all (although she was purportedly still in a coma) my first thought was: well, MS may still be on, LOL.

      As for Cameron Mathison, his statement does appear more direct than anthing MS said, but again, I notice he says, there is no “indication” he is going to Y&R to play Adam: that can mean (1) he was interested in the role but has not been given any indication by CBS/SONY that he is getting it or (2) he may be up for another role at Y&R other than Adam. How simple would it have been to directly state: “I am not going to Y&R” … anything other than such simplicity leaves pondering issues, intentionally or otherwise.

  • Pam H

    I think he would be a good replacement for Adam… I loved him on All My Children

    • I like Cameron, but he wouldn’t be well-suited to play Adam. He’s just not an ‘hate his guts’ kind of guy, albeit he and MCE would look nice together again.

  • Andrew Hass

    For now i’ll take his word that he’s not joining Y&R until proven otherwise.However he said he wasn’t going to be playing Adam but he didn’t say anything about maybe playing another character on the show.

  • meg


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  • lucy2010

    “There is absolutely NO indication that I am going to ‘Y&R’ to play Adam Newman”

    Indication? That’s a funny way to put it. Why wouldn’t he just say “I am NOT going to ‘Y&R’ to play Adam Newman”? It sounds more like he was interested in the role and Y&R hasn’t shown any interest in return. Please let it be because MM is coming back.

    • Andrew Hass

      Well it sounds to me at least that he might be going to Y&R but not to play Adam.For example said he was no indication that he was going to Y&R to play Adam but he didn’t say he wasn’t going to play a different character on the show.So he may have left the door open slightly for later because then if he does join Y&R he can say he didn’t exactly lie.

    • Fox

      Not strange really, when you consider that an actor’s agent needs to be contacted first, before an actor goes in, even for an audition. And obviously, he has “no indication” from his agent that there’s been any interest in him for the role. – jmho

  • carol aldrich

    I am glad Paul is Dylan’s father

  • lyte

    He looks to old to play adam anyways. Dont care for indications, we all know its pretty clear that only MM can be adam Newman, no exceptions!!

  • ButterflyFX

    At this point I’m tired of waiting for this storyline to finish already. I liked MM as Adam, but gee whiz. Enough is enough already. Get someone good in there and lets move on. They should have just let Adam die. Memory of MM to live on forever.