SNEAK PEEK: Pregnancy, Drugs and Surprises? Only on ‘General Hospital’

Disney/ABC Television Group
Disney/ABC Television Group

On “,” Sonny Corinthos () desperately wants to find out if Ava () is really pregnant before he shoots her following last week’s revelation that she, not AJ, was responsible for the death of his former lover, Connie Falconeri. In a newly released video preview highlighting scenes airing during the week of June 2, Sonny and Ava go to General Hospital to visit her OB-GYN, Britt Westbourne (), who informs them that they’ll be able to find out with absolute certainty whether she’s actually pregnant.

Meanwhile, look for Nikolas’ reaction to the recent Ric news as drugs to take a pivotal role in Port Charles and Maxie receives some much needed support during her custody hearing. Meanwhile, Sam receives an unexpected visitor and Morgan contemplates forgiveness.

  • Bexx

    I see Sonny still hasn’t discovered condoms.

    • KansasGuest

      He probably didn’t think he’d need them at AJ’s funeral, of all places.

      • Danny Hill

        i still think it’s GROSS that they ‘did it’ right next to A.J.’s coffin – considering they both put him there in the first place..but in any case TACKY AS HELL!!!