Fluke Almost Reveals His True Self to Luke on ‘GH’ + Name That Song


In the final segment of the Friday, May 30 episode of ABC’s “,” the real Luke Spencer () asked the question, “Who are you?” to the person who has been impersonating him for the past several months. To amp up the drama, fans were treated to a chilling scene in which somber music played in the background as Fluke (aka: Fake Luke) responded and said, “Who am I? That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Who do I look like? You? Lucas Lorenzo Spencer? But you want to know who is behind the face. You want to know who’s pulling the strings, doing the dance. You want to know whose big, buzzing brain is behind this genius plan. Let me tell you in the simplest possible terms. Wouldn’t you like to know?” Fluke then winked at Luke.

Based on how the scene was filmed, many believe it was the show’s way of teasing the audience about their “GH” history in order to see if they figured it out on their own yet.

Meanwhile, if you were wondering what the name of the song playing as the scenes played out, Soap Opera Network has learned it was “Look On Your Face,” which is a Disney/ABC original song and not commercially available.

  • I’m guessing Geary is going on vacation?

    • Danny Hill

      as he does every year at this time, and not to return until September or October..i remember Lane Davies on SB used to do the same thing, and the writers always found a way to get Mason out of town…

  • Andrew Hass

    My 2 guesses are Damian Smith and Bill Eckert.Damian has a history with both Luke and Sonny.

  • FBM

    I wonder if the show even knows who it is at this point. They’re casting a wide net with all these “clues”.

  • nancy

    they should pull this same thing on dool a lookalike who are you I really like this who are you really situation

  • MW

    This is Jerry jacks imo

  • Kevin_Buchanan

    Jerry Jacks or Johnny Zacharra

  • KansasGuest

    I’m not going to waste time guessing. But, whoever it is, GH is definitely raising expectations very high, with all the reminders that this person has a white-hot hatred for Sonny, is well-versed in the illegal drug trade, has enough $$ to buy Barrett Enterprises & has been fronting “Derek Wells” even more money for quite a few years for his media empire. Clearly, the WSB weren’t paying close enough attention to Derek’s financial situation if a drug trafficker could be moving $$ in & out of his accounts that easily.

  • Michael Thomas

    Most likely Johnny Zacharra because it would make the way for Brandon Barash’s rumored return or even Alcazar….

    • Andrew Hass

      Johnny Zacchara is way younger than Luke.I’m thinking whoever it is is closer to Luke’s own age.

      • Danny Hill

        i doubt SERIOUSLY it’s Johnny Zacchara – unless he underwent a complete personality overhaul while in prison..besides, he’s too young and too short to impersonate someone as tall as Luke Spencer..i hope this turns out to be the surprise of the century..unfortunately, the curprise can’t be that this has been a woman all along – otherwise, ‘Like’ and tracy couldn’t..you know…