Kimberly McCullough Returning to ‘GH!’

AFF/TA/Steven Bergman
AFF/TA/Steven Bergman

Tongues were left wagging after “” star (ex-Robin Scorpio) tweeted out a photo of a script on Sunday night along with the tease: “A day in the life of a soap actor. Say ‘soap-y’ I dare you.” Was it a “GH” script? Did the tweet mean she was returning to Port Charles?

Apparently, the answer is a resounding yes! Not only is executive producer saying the actress will be heading back to the show, a rep for “GH” confirms to Soap Opera Network that McCullough in fact will be back this summer!

No other details are being released at this time, so it looks like viewers will have to wait and see if Robin will patch things up with Patrick () or if the couple will decide to end their marriage for good!

  • Linda Cardwell

    I like her character. In real life I hope marriages endure, so in soap opera land, why not allow her character to reunite with her husband?

  • Andrew Hass

    I always knew Kimberly would come back to GH as Robin again.

  • Lt. Murphy Rocks!

    NOOOOOOOOO-she needs to stay away–this back and forth is insane. She was great as a kid and teen but now she’s just another prima donna who wants air time.

    • Elizabeth_Erwin

      Then she should at least return to provide closure on her relationship with Patrick.

  • Carl

    I love Kimberly McCullough. Robin is gonna kick ass!

  • neicy

    It would be great, but only if she has signed a long term contract. Enough of this here one minute gone the next garbage!

  • Tash

    I hope Robin comes back and I hope she is pregnant!

    • Tash

      *I hoped that Robin would come back and I hope she is pregnant! Manic typing creates many typos!!!!

  • Ronald Klimmek

    I hope Robin (Kimberly McCullough) comes back soon . We all miss her .