DAYTIME EMMYS: Who Should Win? Outstanding Supporting Actor (VIDEO)



DAMIEN SPINELLI believed that his girlfriend, ELLIE TROUT, decided to end their relationship on New Years’ Eve. Heartbroken and drunk, Spinelli turned to former lover/always a friend, MAXIE JONES, for a night of consolation sex. Spinelli soon learned that Ellie was involved in a terrible accident while on her way to see Spinelli. Spinelli & Maxie agreed to never speak of their indiscretion again. As Maxie’s surrogate pregnancy progressed, Ellie became suspicious of Maxie and soon learned Maxie’s secret. The day had come for Maxie to give birth to her best friend, LULU SPENCER & her husband, DANTE FALCONERI’s baby. Ellie knew that it was time that Spinelli learned the truth regarding Maxie & the baby!!

  • Andrew Hass

    Personally i hope Bradford Anderson wins because i think last year was his best year ever on GH.

    • sands of time

      (B)ad (A)ctor.

      • Andrew Hass

        Bradford was on GH for 7 years and this is his 5th Emmy nomination.So for that alone i don’t consider him a bad actor.