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CASTING: The Return of Michael Saucedo and A New Face For Josslyn Jacks

Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

On Monday, June 16, returns to ABC’s “” as Juan Santiago, who is back in Port Charles to support his cousin, Sabrina Santiago (), during her hour of need. You’ll recall that Sabrina’s baby with Patrick Drake (), Gabriel Drake Santiago, died last week following the hit -and-run car accident that forced the early delivery of the child in late April.

Juan will be in attendance for baby Gabriel’s funeral and will factor into the exit of Sabrina now that Castillo is currently on maternity leave following the May 29 birth of daughter Victoria Milani, with husband Shane Aaron. Saucedo is married to “GH’s” (Elizabeth Webber) in real-life.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, June 17, debuts as a recast Josslyn Jacks. Look for Josslyn to be slow in warming up to Franco (), who is moving in with her and her mother, Carly ().

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  • Dee

    Sorry but cant stand the role of brat for Josslyn….kid looks and acts so snotty….AND PLEASE GET RID OF LEVI QUICK!!!! I dont even want to watch it because of him….I know he is the one who will tell the judge Nathan lied and Maxi wont get her daughter YET because of it etc and Levi will go but HURRY!!!! Its a weird role and doesnt fit at all!! On the other hand NATHAN is a gorgeous man!! Let Sabrina and Patrick hook back up and get married!! Jason will come back and the two lovebirds will each end up with their original spouses Silas/Nina… Samantha/Jason. Rafe’s role is boring and he turned into an ungrateful,trouble-making baby killing, druggie…..get it over with and move him out. The story line of Ava and Sonny and Julian etc goes on FOREVER and its starting to feel like it! There is enough bad in the world….can we please get some happy,christian type,good marriages,strong love and faithfulness in here somewhere! And Avas baby is neither Sonnys or Morgans…..yada yada yada!!

  • Dee

    PS Lets make Obrecht and Britt turn into decent people o at least better. Let their characters turn better for love of a good man and let the family get along and bond in a good way FINALLY!!! Let O fall in love with Cassadine(grandfather) and move away and let siblings Nathan and Britta bond and raise good kids…and for petes sake….move on and get over with Julians boss,the fake Luke,takes WAY to long and gets so boring!!!

  • Andrew Hass

    I liked Juan’s return and how it impacted the story.Plus i’m wondering when Sabrina returns in a couple of months if Juan will come back too if only to make sure she’s ready to be back in Port Charles.