‘Y&R’ Officially Recasting Phyllis

Denice Duff/ABC
Denice Duff/ABC

Fans hoping to see make a grand return to “The Young as the Restless” as Phyllis have a bitter pill to swallow: With the actress now on contract as “’s” Nina, it seems the CBS sudser she formerly called home has decided to move on!

“Y&R” just sent out a casting call for a 35-40 year old actress with the following character description: “Phyllis is beautiful, smart and conniving. She is confident in her own sexuality and is unafraid to use it to get what she wants. She knows she has power over men and many times has used it, both to her benefit and to her detriment. She definitely has an edge.”

Phyllis has been in a coma since Stafford chose to exit the show last August, and now would be the perfect time for the character to make a comeback: Her lover, Jack (), has seemingly developed feelings for Kelly (), and the secret Sharon () has been hiding seems to be hidden… for now!

A rep for the show confirms that a breakdown for the character has been sent out, but no further information is available at this time.

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  • JayTN

    I know that she is soon to be playing Eve Donovan on “Days”, but Kassie DePaiva (ex-Blair, OLTL) would make a good Phyllis. I have a gut feeling that Sony will go for a “name” actress to take over the role.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      I had been thinking the same thing the last week or 2 that she would have been perfect. I had also thought about Robin Christopher. But then see the age actress they are looking for it knocks both of those out.

      Tamara Braun might be good too. I think she is in that age bracket they are looking for.

      It just seems to me though that they are trying to knock a few years off Phyllis’ age.

      • Bexx

        I would love Tamara Braun, but isn’t she quite loyal to ABC/GH?

        • Andrew Hass

          Well Tamara was on DOOL a couple of years ago.Plus she has been a recast in the past with the character of Carly on GH.So she may not have a problem with been a recast again.

          • Bexx

            Yeah, I know she was Carly for awhile on GH, but didn’t she recently appear again with Sarah Brown a few weeks ago? Never knew she was on DOOL, can you tell me what happened with her character there?

          • MW

            She was on DOOL for 2 years.. 2008, She played a dark hair badgirl mafia princess named Ava vitali. She was trying to get an old love back name Steve aka Patch..First she stalk the hotel where he was residing at.In an attempt to delay Steve and the rest of the Brady family’s departure from Ireland.She sabotages their plane. Her plan, however, was sabotaged when the plane began experiencing problems in mid-air.Then she kidnapped Hope Brady when she mistakenly thought she was Steve pregnant wife Kayla..which didn’t work out in the end she faced with possible charges of the plane crash she hired Ej
            as her attorney.When he alerted her that the new judge in her trial
            could not be bribed she jumped bail & made the decision to leave the
            country. 2011 she played Nicole blonde haired sister Taylor who feel inlove with her(Nicole) husband at the time EJ.Ej & Nicole broke up. He asked Taylor to marry him. After she found out something Ej did she broke up with him & left town..LOL 🙂

          • Bexx

            Thank you for the breakdown! Her character sounds like she was amazing, especially the sabotaging the plane part. LOL. I’ve always been a fan of hers, but I not holding my breath that Y&R will get her. The final casting selections always leave me disappointed.

        • TV&MovieBuff

          Not sure. I would figure she would just love the work. I saw on Twitter someone suggesting Martha Byrne — not sure about that one. But she can play b*tchy when needed. I just hope it is not Kelly Sullivan as many are thinking. She is just not right for the role at all.

          • Bexx

            The great thing is that there are many actresses who would love the role of Phyllis, with her being such a dominate force on canvas. With Stafford out of the picture, I really hope they don’t try to short change the next actress on salary, and actually take their time to find someone really great.

            I like Kelly Sullivan, and from what I’ve seen of her with the DID storyline, she seems very talented. Can’t picture her as a redhead though. Why do not feel she’s right?

          • TV&MovieBuff

            I have only seen her in the one role. So not sure about her diversity as an actress. She definitely had some talent at times. I just never saw her as having a “harder” side to her that would make her right for Phyllis. Plus with me not liking the age they are looking for I just feel she is too young for Phyllis.

      • JayTN

        Soap character ages can sometimes be ridiculous with writers playing fast and loose with the laws of time. If Phyllis is between 35-40, how old was she when she first got pregnant with Daniel (who is off screen at the moment)? 15 or 16? He’s older than Summer, who is 17 or 18, which would mean that Phyllis had her when she was in her early 20s.

        Bryan Datillo, who plays Lucas on “Days” is only 42, yet he is playing a grandfather on that soap. Lauren Koslow, who portray’s Datillo’s mother is 61 and a great-grandmother.

        • TV&MovieBuff

          It just seems weird to do it with Phyllis. Never figured that out with soap writers either.

    • Bexx

      Please not KDP! That might be the one person who would cause me to stop watching. I just cannot take her in large doses.

  • sherwood

    Stafford knew JFPhleps would ruin Y&R and she was right. The show is unwatchable now. Good for her. nuPhyllis, nuAdam, nuAbby, and nuBilly says it all. Phelps can’t keep anyone good on the payroll. She’s the real show killer.

    • MTNC1030

      Absolutely agree! The show stinks, terrible new additions to the show it is almost unrecognizable! I think Lilly is next to go, JFP is making her obnoxious cannot even stand to watch anything with her in it! They made Chloe obnoxious, and she decided to leave. The story line with Abby and Tyler are not even interesting. This Mariah character is not even believable for the part, just does not fit chemistry wise with Tyler. Just read they signed a contract with this girl, Carrie, not a good casting choice. The show is a sinking ship, yes JFP is a soap killer. How can something go downhill so fast when it has been on the top for so long. I hope the veteran actors are standing up for themselves and the show, because it looks like one by one all of JFP favorites are being brought in to replace everyone.

      There may have been some disagreements with actors, but when people are passionate about their work, they speak up. I think this is what MM did when they were pinning the Delia death on him. That decision clearly backfired in JFP’s face, Michael is such a good actor you could not help but love him more. Unfortunately Eric Braedon could not see that their chemistry made the show.

      If Y&R has any chance of survival, they should bring MM back, his chemistry with Melissa, Amelia, Eric, Jack, Nicholas and Jason made this show.

      Also, what on earth are they doing with Michael, Lauren, Kevin…hardly see them and they threw one stupid story line with a pregnancy thing with Lauren, were they just grasping for something to write about. It is ridiculous!

      CBS and SONY, if you want a top rated daytime show, extend your hand back to the man who made the show watchable…Michael Muhney!

      I am a very disappointed 40 year viewer, I don’t even care if I miss an episode, I stopped recording on my DVR, Started to record GH with hope that MM may show up there, Michelle Stafford did!

      • Bexx

        You should have just skipped all that nonsense and posted the last paragraph. Yawn…

      • RedRiver38

        I totally agree with you. The show is in steep decline.

  • Andrew Hass

    I’m not surprised that Y&R is recast Phyllis now.They’ll probably want an actress who has experience and who would have fans that would watch her as Phyllis.Plus i’m sure Y&R already has a list of potential actresses that they are considering and now they have to narrow it down.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    I had figured they would recast Phyllis at some point. I think the only reason they waited is they possibly hoped Stafford wouldn’t find work somewhere else and come back and accept whatever they were willing to pay or offer.

    I think Sony did the same thing with Peter Reckell. They didn’t give him what he wanted at Days and they thought after awhile he would accept whatever they offered. But he says he is still working and staying busy so he still wouldn’t take anything they offered. So they finally just dealt with Bo in the story and made him a deadbeat dad.

    I honestly don’t think the actor problems at Days or Y&R have anything to do with the writers, the producers, etc. or the work environment at this time. I honestly think Sony is playing hardball. They seemed to be determined to get these 2 shows on the cheapest budget they can get them to. The actors are bearing the big brunt of it with their pay, guarantees, time off, etc. I honestly don’t think it will get any better. I think we will lose more and more of the actors over time.

  • Bexx

    Looking forward to the new Phyllis.

    • sands of time

      You must be hoping she can keep you awake. I hope she’s not a YodleR.

  • ASH

    Gina Tognoni would be a good pick for Phyllis in my opinion. I loved her as Dinah in GL.

    • jtmln61

      Gina Tognoni would be perfect!, I too loved her on GL.

      • jtmln61

        Also: I hate that Michelle is not coming back as Phyllis, She was perfect for that roll, and I miss her terribly, but I wish her luck in all that she does, just hope she knows how many of us are going to miss her on Y&R.

  • MW

    Nobody can replace MS but if I had to choose it would most def be Tamara Braun. She is so fiery & looks good with red hair..

  • MW

    Ok I take it back

    Sarah Buxton is a much better choice can’t believe I forgot one of my favorites

  • Patrick Ferrando

    I wouldn’t want a recast if it were up to me. Stafford is hard to replace.
    But I don’t want Tamara Braun or Sarah Brown. I’d prefer an unknown to come in.

    • sands of time

      It’s not looking good or smelling good! Please, no matter how upset you are about the recast, try not to become a YelleR.

      • Patrick Ferrando

        Nah, I don’t yell. The sane soap viewers know this kind of stuff happens all the time.
        You must be upset about everyone leaving Days though…

        • sands of time

          I’m celebrating!

  • TONY

    JAMIE LUNAR who played liza Colby on all my children for a few years would be a perfect phylis recast in my opino! or robin Christopher who played skye on general hospital!@

    • pookette48

      I agree! Jamie would be perfect.

      • Bob

        Just sae Jamie in a lifetime movie. She could be a good choice but is not as attractive as Michelle.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    I know that Y&R has changed a lot since Latham and others began to dismantle so many of the things that made it unique among the soaps but Y&R has traditionally had very good success in recasting roles. Most of the early leads were recast successfully when the popular actors left. Jack Abbot was recast well. Even Ashley was recast well with Brenda Epperson for awhile. Jill was recast twice well and once very badly.

    Years ago I wouldn’t worry about a lead being recast on Y&R, but since Latham came Y&R’s writing is not totally character based. And people have become so much more attached to some performers.

    But to me there are some really good actresses who could do well with Phyllis. The only real thing that bothers me as I said before is the casting announcement and the age they are looking for. I just don’t think recasting her as much younger will ever work.

  • Fox

    35? .. LOL! .. The new writers must have forgotten that Phyllis is supposed to be Avery’s OLDER sister. Older by about 10 years, as we heard when Phyllis left home at 18, “Little Avery” would run to the mailbox every day looking for a letter from her “Big Sis,” whom she thought had abandoned her. Jessica Collins (Avery) is and looks her 43 years, and Phyllis should be minimum mid-40s.

    • sands of time

      YawneR keeps messing up and BluB isn’t much better.

  • Tammy

    I think Sarah Joy Brown would make a good Phyllis!

  • Ebony Blackstreet

    Michael M. (Ex-Adam Newman) was FIRED for sexual harassment. And, as good an actor as he is, some things are unforgivable. It wasn’t just one or two incidents. He was warned several times, and chose to ignore the warnings. He needs to redeem himself by getting professional help and offering a profuse apology to all women. His so-called apology was unconvincing. He needs to EARN his way back to daytime.

  • Ebony Blackstreet

    I’m sorry, Michelle Stafford IS Phyllis…therefore IRREPLACEABLE. And, although I like David Tom as Billy Abbott (I know he was Billy Abbott before his predecessor), I miss Billy Miller like crazy.

  • LongTimeFan

    I miss Michelle, Michael and Billy every time I watch Y&R. The show is NOT the same at all. This is the first time I have thought about removing it from my DVR!

  • Mc Kay

    I hope Michelle stays in a coma. Can’t stand that plain, ugly witch and now she’s on Gen. Hosp. Just as stupid as when she was on Y & R.

  • shawna

    Jill farren phelps is destroying y and r. These writers are forgetting what they had characters do previosly I dobt know any soap that had a character in coma for a year and they still talk weekly about this coma character. Seriously this is ridiculous enough is enough get new writers that have an imagination with characters