ThoughtsOn: Amelia Heinle Dishes On ‘Y&R’s’ Emotional Last Year, Billy Miller, Tristan Rogers and More!

’” (Victoria Newman) is celebrating her first ever Emmy nomination as well as an exciting storyline involving ’s Stitch, but that didn’t prevent her from opening up about a slew of other topics when reporters chatted with the actress shortly after she received the news that she’d officially be in this year’s Emmy race. The actress had no qualms about discussing the emotional year “Y&R” has experienced, what it was like working with (ex-Billy Abbott), her obsession with  (Colin Atkinson) and more. To hear her thoughts on these topics, click to the next page!

Editor’s Note: This feature was completed and scheduled to publish before news of David Tom’s firing as Billy Abbott came to light.

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  • Amilly fan

    Very nice interview Amelia seems like a very lovely and hardworking person. Her and Miller had a 1 in a lifetime chemistry.

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    I don’t think I’m going to like Burgess as Billy either, and that may be because I really want Billy Miller back.

    • Sammie Jo

      I’d love to have Billy Miller back, but, anyone has got to be better than David Tom.

      • Charlotte DiLondon

        I saw a close upof this Burgess guy, and he’s kinda cute. It just might work.

        • Sammie Jo

          All I ask is that he can act. lol

    • New Ol’Lady

      At least JFP didn’t pick Burgess Meredith.
      A joke people, it’s a joke. 🙂

    • Desiree Lee

      Don’t we all . BM is the only Billy Abbott .No one replace BM. No one will have that connection with fans like BM does.JFP keeps destroying the characters.

  • Lon L

    I would love to see Billy Miller come back. That is his role! He is our Billy Abbott. No one else is going to be able to fill his shoes. There is a coonection between these two actors that can not be replicated by just anybody.

    • Meb

      I agree!!?

  • Lon L

    I am very disappointed by the treatment by #Y&R and their treatment of Billy Miller and Micheal Muhney. I am barely watching, I am just tuning in for @AmeliasGlimmer @SeanCarrigan Victoria and Stitch.

    • Kathy

      You can’t replace Billy Miller or MM stop trying. It’s not David Tom’s fault. It’s yours. So unfair

  • Frank Garrett

    Is Amelia in love with Billy Miller? All she did was whine about how she missed him, and never said anything about David Tom.

    • uraganomaia

      Frank, how can you say that Amelia whines about Billy Miller?
      Have you seen them togather on Y/R?
      They have such a chemistry and are so fab. together. No matter who replaces’s never going to be same. Y/R is sinking like Titanic, without Billy Miller and Adam/M.M ..and many others who are leaving like Michelle Stafford/Phyllis. So many good actors left & are leaving & with them the CLASS the Y/R had.

  • I do not think that her character Victoria loves Jill (Jess Walton) and Colin (Tristan Rogers) that much.

  • Mishelley9878

    I don’t like the new Billy Abbott, please bring back Billy Miller or just a new one all together.

  • Kim007

    I can’t stand the new Billy Abbott I’m a fan since day one and I really miss Billy Miller, Adam and Phyllis. Remember these are the actors that made you number ONE!!!!!! This new guy has no sense of humor get Billy and Victoria back please.

  • Wendy Dumas

    That is correct! If they don’t put Billy and Vicky back together, we will see show go down or maybe we will see Billy go to court and fight for his son and win.A murdeer should not be allowed to raise or be around a child. I have watched the show sense day one, and Iam ready to leave it alone.Sorry Yand R it is time to get back to the good stuff!!!