Stitch’s Ex-Wife Cast and Officially Headed to ‘Y&R!’

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Oh, are things about to get out of control over in “’” Genoa City: The Billy ()/Victoria ()/Stitch () situation is about to get even messier, as Stitch’s ex-wife, Jenna, is headed to town!

According to Soaps In Depth magazine, the sudser has cast in the role of the doc’s wife. She reportedly begins taping on the set tomorrow and will make her first onscreen appearance on Friday, June 13.

This is Lemelin’s first daytime gig, though fans may recognize her from her previous roles on TV shows like “” and “.”

How do you think Jenna’s appearance will impact Stitch’s life, not to mention his new relationship with Victoria? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Danielle Aparicio

    Especially since he figured out Victoria is preggers jajajaja!!!!! Explain that one doc!!!!

  • Bobbi Hicks

    I was so in hopes that Stitch & Victoria would end up a couple w/child and llive somewhat happily ever after..lol well, as happy as any soap couple can…

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    Good, maybe this secret will be revealed and Victoria can have twins and be happy with her husband. Have Phyllis die and let the gnawing feeling get her to reveal if she even did anything with those results and that she saw Phyllis fall down the steps.

  • Beverly Kingsley

    I was a Stitch fan till he went after Victoria relentlessly even though he knew she was still married and not sure what she was going to do. Always showing up unannounced at her door. So I no longer like him, and hope the father is Billy.
    Though I don’t like the new Billy either. And yes, let Phyllis die, free Jack finally. No one can replace the orginal Phyllis, it would be a travesty, just as replacing Adam will be a disaster. Some replacements work, some don’t.

    • itstabu

      actually the “new” Billy is the actor that played Billy before the last Billy! ha! So, he’s not “new”. I like the last Billy better as well, however.

      • Janet

        I preferred the previous actor, playing Billy with the present actress playing Victoria as well. But, since the previous actress who played ‘Vicki” was Heather Tom, and the oldest and current Billy , is her actual brother , I am glad the casting department is ‘on their toes’.

    • Sondra Sanders

      I agree with your post about Stitch. He’s like a stalker. Always showing up at Victoria’s door and now he’s gotten into her medical records. Creepy!

  • Andrew Hass

    I think Billy tracks down Stitch’s wife to get info and then maybe she follows him back to Genoa City for some reason.