UPDATE: Ronn Moss to Appear on ‘GH’

Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas
Photo Credit: Gilles Toucas

First “” snagged “” alum (ex-Phyllis Summers), and now comes word that the ABC soap has snagged “’s” (ex-Ridge Forrester) as well!

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the actor, who left “B&B” in 2012 after a 25 year run, already began taping and will be appearing onscreen this week. No further information is available at this time, but Soap Opera Network will bring you more as the story develops!

UPDATE 1:23 PM EST: A representative for the show confirms that Moss is set to appear on ‘GH,’ but was unable to provide any further details at this time.

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  • kungfuwomn

    I wouldnt tout this as a catch cuz he has sucked for decades he was the worst actor on the show its too bad they got rid of sean kanan who is now going to bold and beautiful gh’s loss is bolds gain and ron moss is bolds gain cuz he is not on show any more.

    • leah

      Wow, what are you talking about kungfuwoman? Anyway Sean Kanan has been on them all from Y&R, BNB, GH and honestly who knows what else for many years. I love Ron Moss. He is the original awesome soap star. Obviously, you never tuned into BNB from the beginning, but he is that role. I’m not saying the new Ridge, Thorsten Kaye isn’t good, bc he is. I don’t mean to put him down, but I do miss the original Ridge. I just do. I like Thorsten. I believe he is doing a great job. But, I can’t help to think of what the original Ridge would do in these scenes and that’s Ron Moss. To me he is the epidemy of soap acting, like the 40’s are to some people. lol. I just think he is an all star to that era and portrayed it all the way through. Give the man his pay. Don’t s*t on him. Everything is changing and jobs and security is a joke anymore. It doesn’t matter what you did as an individual to help that company. They will s**t on you in the end. I think seniority rules. The same goes for Victor (Eric Braeden, Michelle Stafford and many others). It must be a shame to be acting rather than involved in the actual families of these soap worlds.

      • leah

        Oh and let me clarify, IDK why they tossed around Sean Kanan. I think he is good too. He seems to be the one that jumps around a lot. IDK the insider scoop. I only know what I read. Whatever his pay is or what they are willing to give him in a contract is up to them, but it seems to me Sean does his own thing. Either way, he is right up there with the best. Good luck to him, as all the casts in the soap world. And I am being nice about all of this. I know what a real job is like. I’m sure these actors are struggling to get their time, pay, experience, etc in as an actor. Nothing is forever. But, I love the oldest to the tee. That’s who I grew up with. Give them what they’re worth. Seriously????

  • Andrew Hass

    My guess is Ronn’s character will perform at the Nurse’s Ball and just be on for a few episodes.

  • Elizabeth_Erwin

    For gawd’s sake, this production team is just becoming embarrassingly desperate. Their ploys and plots are going downhill fast. Why can’t they just write a good story.

  • Melanee


  • I am surprised.

    GH seems to have everyone.

    I might watch it tomorrow just to see some familiar faces.