RATINGS: Including Ties, ABC Leads Daytime in Key Sales Demos; ‘GH’ Tops in Women 18-34; Barbara Walters ‘View’ Send Off Strong

Bob D'Amico/ABC
Bob D’Amico/ABC

For the week of May 12-16, 2014, ranked #1 in Women 18-34 (199,000/0.6 rating) and Women 25-54 (784,000/1.3 rating) and tied for #1 in Women 18-49 (610,000/1.0 rating), per newly released Nielsen Media Research ratings data. The network hit a 10–week highs in Total Viewers (3.2 million) and Women 18-34, and 7–week highs in Women 18-49 and in Women 25-54 – since weeks of 3/3/14 and 3/24/14, respectively.

Led by a solid performance from the final week of on “,” which hit a three year high in Total Viewers (4.1 million), a one and a half year high in Women 18-49 (648,000/1.0 rating) and one year highs in Women 18-34 (204,000/0.6 rating) and Women 25-54 (830,000/1.4 rating) – since weeks of 2/7/11, 11/5/12 and 1/28/13, respectively. On Friday, May 16, Walters said goodbye to friends and colleagues as an on air personality with 5.2 million viewers tuning in. The episode generated the show’s best ratings in over a one-and-a-half years in Women 18-49 (818,000/1.3 rating) and Women 25-54 (1.0 million/1.6 rating) – since November 7, 2012. The talk show was up from the same week last year by 41% in Total Viewers (4.1 million vs. 2.9 million), by 38% in Women 18-49 (648,000 vs. 471,000) and by 27% in Women 25-54 (830,000 vs. 653,000).

Disney/ABC Television Group
Disney/ABC Television Group

” ranked #1 in daytime in Women 18-34 with a six week high in the key sales demo (226,000/0.7 rating – since week of 3/31/14). The soap was the #2 program in Women 18-49 (654,000/1.0 rating) and Women 25-54 (862,000/1.4 rating).

Compared to the same week last year, “GH” was up 12% in Total Viewers (2.8 million vs. 2.5 million), by 28% in Women 18-34 (226,000 vs. 177,000), by 13% in Women 18-49 (654,000 vs. 577,000) and by 13% in Women 25-54 (862,000 vs. 764,000).

” hit six week highs in Women 18-34 (167,000/0.5 rating), Women 18-49 (529,000/0.8 rating) and Women 25-54 (659,000/1.1 rating) – since week of 3/31/14. The series grew by 13% in Total Viewers (2.7 million vs. 2.4 million), by 18% in Women 18-49 (529,000 vs. 447,000) and by 12% in Women 25-54 (659,000 vs. 586,000) compared to the same week last year.

  • David

    Congrats to ABC and to GH. Despite all the complaining the show did great numbers in a sweeps week which is a key factor. You see the same 6 people on here complainng about GH but obviously their opinion is the miniority.

  • JayTN

    The only thing those numbers for “The View” does is showcase how much the show has fallen recently. I think this is the first time that ABC has mentioned “The View” in their infrequent daytime press releases all season (which is now officially over).

    Is it only a coincidence that Barbara Walters’ farewell drew the best numbers since the departures of Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the arrival of Jenny McCarthy?

  • Andrew Hass

    Congrats to both ABC and GH on the good numbers.In the key demos GH is either in first or second place