NEXT WEEK ON Y&R: A Sinful Seduction or Outright Rape?


The Young and the Restless Mast Head by Soap Opera Network


After her daughter died last year as a result of a hit-and-run, a desperate Chloe () will attempt everything in her power to have another child with Billy Abbott (), even going so far as to drug and “seduce” the married man into having sex with her. The question is, is it a “sinful seduction” or an outright rape? In a newly released promo for next week’s episodes of CBS’ “,” the series calls what Chloe is doing to get her hands on Billy’s crown jewels (pun intended) as a sinful seduction, but visually it’s clear that Billy isn’t even conscious for Chloe’s plan. Meanwhile, Billy is also unknowingly already dealing with another set of baby drama. It turns out that his wife, Victoria (), is pregnant! The only problem is that it could be Billy’s, or it could be Stitch’s (). As for Ian Ward (), he better not get in the way of his son Dylan () when it comes to the woman he loves, or he’ll end up paying the ultimate price.

  • kelly

    I heard he was mumbling, “Victoria!” so if she dupes him into thinking she is, he’s thinking his wife has her hands on the family jewels. Just because he doesn’t know who it is for real doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to rise to the occasion. Wonder how it actually plays out.

  • Matt J

    And they wonder why their ratings are dropping. Talk about a total sleazy storyline. Jill Farren Phelps continues to destroy Y&R

  • Fred

    More soft porn from these tasteless sicko writers. In fact calling them writers is a stretch. Hacks is more accurate. JFP continues to flush Bill Bells legacy down the toilet. This is her answer for May sweeps? How about having some imagination and writing a creative compelling story instead of cranking out garbage?

    • Bexx

      So you’re still watching?

  • timsdale4ever

    Why doesn’t she just sleep with Kevin — her husband or ex-husband — who is dying to get back with her? He would be more than willing.

    • Bexx

      Because she wants another Delia.