DAYTIME EMMYS: ‘Y&R’s’ Max Ehrich Recalls ‘Emotionally Wrought’ Day That Earned Him a Nomination

Most of the Daytime Emmy Award submission scenes feature extremely dramatic performances, but in the case of “’” (Fenmore Baldwin), his nomination-earning material was enough to halt production of the sudser! He explains that while filming the scenes in which Fenmore was confused about whether or not he killed Carmine [], he became so overwhelmed, they had to pause taping. “There were like four of five scenes, we filmed them back to back, and we had to stop a few times, because I was so emotionally wrought that I was forgetting stuff!” he says. “Fenmore has a mental break, because he’s contemplating whether he should go to confess or whether or not he should protect his father, and so it was a really intense filming process.”

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Fortunately, however, the hard work paid off. “When I saw them, I was happy with how they came out,” he says of the scenes and why he chose to submit them for the Emmy race. “I just had a gut feeling. It’s one of those things, it’s really hard to judge your own work, so I had a few friends watch a few episodes with me, but it went back to that one. That one was really special. It was a transformative episode for me.”

Thinking ahead to Emmy night, Ehrich reveals that he’s recently started dating a girl named Veronica, whom he’ll most likely invite as his date. “She’s very special to me, so I think it would be a great thing to share with her.”

And as for what he’ll wear, he’s hoping to be creative like he was with his Top Shop outfit last year. “I’m really not about doing stuff inside the box,” he shares. “I think Top Shop has some really cool stuff, but I’m totally open to do other designers, so we’ll see. I would love to have a bunch of options. That would be cool.”

Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

But will he even have time to shop for an outfit? Time will tell, as he’s currently busy learning sign language for an upcoming production of “Spring Awakening!” “It’s for a company called Deaf West Theater Company, and half the castmembers are deaf,” he explains. “So basically, we sing, sign and act. So I have to learn sign language.”

Either way, Ehrich is sure to look suave as he walks the red carpet during the Daytime Emmy Awards, which will take place on Sunday, June 22. And as for the show possibly not airing on television this year, the actor says the night will be special, despite. “It makes no difference, really,” he opines. “Receiving the nomination is awesome, and the fact that ‘The Young and the Restless’ is leading with a countless amount of nominations, it’s amazing to be a part of this cast to begin with, and this nomination is just the cherry on top!”

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  • Donna Martin

    Oh make me puke. You deserve an Emmy like I deserve an Emmy. Who voted your family. You come from the worst soap on TV with the worst actors, clothes and hair. I hope Hunter gets an award for her performance of a fake groping.