Burgess Jenkins on Playing ‘Y&R’s’ New Billy Abbott: ‘[He Is] A Wonderful Character with Interesting Layers’

Richard McLaren/Lifetime
Richard McLaren/Lifetime

With fans still reeling from the shocking casting switcheroo by CBS’ “” for the role of Billy Abbott, many have been clamoring to hear how daytime newcomer  snagged the coveted part.

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“My managers contacted me and said the folks from the show had reached out about the role,” the actor says in an upcoming interview with Soap Opera Digest. “So, I talked with the producers about it and they filled me in on the role and it was apparent to me from the get-go that this was a wonderful character with interesting layers. I met some of the cast and we clicked right away. Not only are they terrific people, but I can tell we’re going to have a great time. I was taken with this opportunity right away.”

Burgess is scheduled to first air on “Y&R” beginning in late June.

Check out the issue on sale June 16 for the rest of the interview.

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  • Bexx

    Good luck to him! After the abuse that DT suffered, I hope he has a very thick skin.

    • sands of time

      Y&R has very abusive honchos!

      • keyiabanner

        I think u people should make up your mind who is going to play Billy your getting us confused. Please bring Billy Miller back he was the best one. And for god sakes please give Victor Newman some kind of hobby, he’s getting on my nerves messing with everyone’s life. He needs to worry about his own marriage, because that’s in trouble. Come on Phyllis please wake up , your coma has been dragging on for to long now. Neil and Devon sharing the same women again “Nasty” even for daytime. Can’t wait to see how Jack and Nick handle the truth about Summer . HOW IS GOING TO PLAY OUT IS THE QUESTION.

        • K

          They just cast a new Phyllis so that should happen soon. Sick of all the recasts. Wish Michelle Stafford would have returned instead 🙁

          • Darlene

            I hear you, so did I. It didn’t work out for Michele Stafford to stay at Y&R so she went to another organization that she obviously felt would treat her better. Lots of bad stuff has been happening at Y&R for a year+. It hasn’t sounded like a secure place to work for some time. I imagine it’s hard for all of the actors remaining…as they likely wonder who will be let go next. Terrible feeling to have when you’re trying to work. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, none of them.

  • April Galanksy

    Jack Abbott is going to suddenly have a brother closer in age to him. Sad how David T was treated when Billy Miller VOLUNTARILY LEFT to pursue other roles, not because of money.

    • Chris

      Voluntarily ??? You’re kidding, right ? 🙂

      • don

        He wanted to do other projects while working at y&r but they said no so billy miller did not renew his contract with them.

      • Vera Robinson


  • Carrie Wendel

    Good luck to the new Billy Abbot.

  • JayTN

    If Y&R recast the role, as David Tom claims, because he looked “too young”, then Burgess Jenkins looks too old.

    Personally, I didn’t like Tom’s interpretation of Billy (and I wasn’t a fan of Billy Miller’s interpretation either). I seem to remember that when Tom first played Billy, he had a light-hearted appeal; almost a “lovable loser”. This time around, Billy seemed less lovable and more loser.

  • julie neff

    No one can replace Billy,,and Burgess Jenkins LOOKS TO OLD

  • keyzW

    looks like another stitch clone! very boring!

    • don

      i’m with ya

  • MaryG.

    Where is the ‘Billy’ we all want back!?? Why did he leave? He played the part so well; convincing, emotional, dramatic, funny, not to mention good looking too! I still feel Billy Miller is the BEST choice.

    • April

      I agree. Billy Miller is the best choice. I wish he would return.

    • Vera Robinson

      He doesn’t want to come back.

  • MaryG.

    David Tom is too young looking and just seems too ‘wishy-washy’ to me! I’ve been a devoted Y&R fan since I was 12, 38 yrs now!! I’ve seen characters come and go, plots twist and turn, people die and then come back as someone else….seen it all! I have nothing against David Tom and remember him back in the day when he was with Mackenzie. However, he hasn’t ‘aged’ much (which is a good thing for him!) but not so good for the show. He just doesn’t appear mature enough or tough enough, sorry. Then there’s Michelle Stafford…again, there’s only one Phyllis and she’s it! Why mess with a good thing…too many changes can make or break you! Good luck.

  • Maria Oihcrepmoc

    Well I hope this one works out I don’t know him but I wish they didn’t let Bill Miller go he was the best one for the job.

  • Stacia Linton

    Absolutely disgusted by this change. Burgess Jenkins? No Thanks!

    • merricourt

      I thought he was kind of cute.

  • Fan of Gina T’s.

    Okay. David Tom looked to young? right? This new guy looks like he is just slightly younger than Jack…. He certainly looks older than AH. How does that work exactly? Billy is supposed to be younger than her! This is a sad thing happening with this show and I’m a legacy fan. I have been watching since the 70’s. Actors and storylines have come and gone. I have no clue where they are headed, but it is not in a good direction. Going to need to find something else to DVR now. I pretty much fast forward through most of the show. Hope Gina can bring some life to the show. The Paternity secret and Adams’ return (hoping it will be MM) would be the only thing that I sign up for at this point. I will fast forward through the Victoria, Stitch and Billy storyline from now on. No reason to watch now. I enjoyed David. I thought he and Chelsea had chemistry. He certainly didn’t look to old to be with her. They could have made Victoria’s baby Stitch’s and break up Billy and Victoria. I know they are supposed to be a super couple, but with Billy Miller gone, obviously fans didn’t embrace David and Amelie as a couple. Didn’t mean they had to let David go though. JMHO.

  • Susie

    Y and R people have lost their minds all of them, my grandson can cast better than what you are doing.

    How many changes are there going to be doing before you listen to your public M/M
    Is wanted back, and more.

    This billy, that billy, now a new billy again, please tell me the ratings going up like a balloon because this ship is sinking fast and only the balloons can hold it up.

  • jo smythe

    billy miller is not coming back-get over it folks. this brand new billy sucks, so did his predecessor

  • princess

    Don’t like the cast changes on Y & R! Starting with the New Abby, I thought Marcy R. was great! She’s now doing wonderful job on General Hospital. Also, Michelle S. is great on same soap. Big mistake getting rid of Tom. Maybe recast Victoria?