TODAY: Portion of ‘General Hospital’ To Be Preempted For ABC News Coverage

Disney/ABC Television Group
Disney/ABC Television Group
Disney/ABC Television Group
Disney/ABC Television Group

Fans of ABC’s “” will once again need to make an immediate adjustment to their DVRs as will interrupt a portion of today’s (April 29) episode of the soap opera as they bring viewers live coverage of the controversy surrounding owner , which has been the lead story by most news outlets in recent days. It is understood that the partial preemption coincides with NBA Commissioner addressing the news media about the sports organization’s findings following an investigation into racist remarks allegedly made by Sterling. The preemption is expected to take place around 2:00 PM, EST.

It is unknown at this time how long the preemption will last. We will update readers on the length of the preemption when we receive an update from ABC.

Viewers who may miss any portion of today’s episode can catch up by using the power of WATCH ABC, Hulu Plus or their cable/satellite providers ABC OnDemand service. Viewers can also purchase the episode via Apple’s iTunes application for later viewing on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV devices.

UPDATE 1:25 PM ET : A rep for “GH” notes to Soap Opera Network that only programming on the east coast and central time zones will be affected by the preemption. They, however, could not comment on how long the preemption will last.

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  • Sandra Marble Mccormac

    who the f&*&* cares about the LA clippers owner, just fine him or buy him out!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ruth Goldman

      I totally agree with you. Why not pre empt Katie. This basketball thing is a fiasco.

      • JJ

        You have fans of GH so take care of us!

        • AnnieJ

          Why are they always interrupting GH, why can’t they wait until their newscast later!!! Starting to really dislike ABC!!!

  • RSB Long

    WHO CARES!!!!!!! Give me my GH…….

  • Anon

    Only if you live in the US can you catch up online. It’s possible in Canada, just more difficult.

  • JonathansGranny

    And, that is newsworthy???????? Most men are at work – women don’t care – I get so sick of this crap. Why couldn’t they wait to do this??????? ABC should run it later tonight, one of the major networks used to do that – not sure if it was CBS, but they would re-run it at 1 or 2 a.m. so, at least, people could tape it. But, then, again – we are talking ABC – and they suck!! This is why I miss SoapNet!!! I wish the TV Guide network would run all the soaps instead of just the two on CBS – there are only 4 of them left.

    • GMD

      Agreed 100%! And you know if the brass at ABC HAS to interrupt any of its programming, it’s going to be GH EVERY time b/c God forbid they interrupt any of their “important” shows like “The Chew!” I don’t mind the interruption if it’s for something relevant, like the Boston Marathon memorial coverage last week, but for this crap, come on! I understand it’s newsworthy and I agree, but it can wait for the actual news and they can show highlights, or ABC could just choose to run streaming coverage of the press conference on their website and NOT interrupt our show!!!

  • jonboy

    This is important, earth shattering, world changing news? The only thing newsworthy is that we Americans aren’t permitted to speak our thoughts or feelings anymore.

  • Vickster

    Who cares about what was said. It’s not like he announced it publicly. He was having a discussion with his wife. Just drop it. Enough said.

    • Debster

      actually, it was a conversation with his bi racial mistress

  • Noneedforproviders

    And so for the viewers that don’t have a TV provider (because one is not needed to watch live tv), will be screwed again. This is why I prefer NBC and CBS, they don’t require this to watch their shows. If I miss NCIS that night, I can watch it the next day with no problem.

    • Lene G

      NBC does. And amongst their long list of cable providers, mine isn’t listed. And neither is it on ABC. So I don’t watch.

  • Marion Marchetto

    It is my belief that Breaking News constitutes a national crises (i.e., being under attack) or extreme weather in the local area (tornado, hurricane, etc). That said, we have enough news programs (4 PM, 5PM, 6PM, 10PM, 11PM) to cover the other stuff. In this case let ESPN or the Sports Channels cover this. THIS IS NOT OF CONCERN TO EVERYONE! Most of the people who would want this covered can get the update on Social Media. Oh, and just remember, before the days of instant messaging and on-the-fly news, we all had to wait for the 6 PM newscast. This can wait!!!!

  • sandy

    Put the news on a sports channel or CNN who Cares I DON”T

  • sands of time

    Another sign that ABC is not in full support of GH!

  • Marilyn Deaton

    Who cares what they do to the guy. His money will buy him out of whatever. You need to be concerned about the tornado victims.

  • My beef with this isn’t as much about General Hospital as the fact this is News! I know what this man has said is wrong!!!! I know his actions are pathetic!!! But what if a “Black” person was being recorded(and didn’t know it by someone white)…..would it even be told? I am so tired of the double standard!

  • Lena

    So now we’ll either have to pay or wait eight days to watch it over some stupid remarks a man made to his girlfriend????? Thumbs down, ABC, thumbs down.

  • Sharron Brand Whipple

    big disappointment, ABC…

  • Cherry

    This could have been reported during the regular news.

  • Amber

    Booooo! All they are showing is what already happened in the story. Nothing new. If I wanted to watch the news on a loop I’d turn on CNN.

  • Bonnie

    Why do they always break into GH? Who cares about Sterling anyway. I would rather see GH any day. Thumbs down ABC.

  • Christine

    So over this!! Why is it ALWAYS GH???

  • sands of time

    It’s a good thing that OJ hasn’t committed murder in prison!

  • jehpa

    Frankly, ABC doesn’t give a rats a** about GH, or their viewers. The local news is on over 6 hours/day…and, that isn’t counting the network news. Nope – not at all a fan of ABC!!!

  • Shirley Munroe

    GH is still on the air? LOL!

    • Daniel NYC

      Laughing about your own stupidity? GH is drawing the best ratings in the key demos of all ABC daytime programs BY FAR.

      So, you should ask: Why are the crappy shows that replaced OLTL and AMC still on air, since they are drawing much lower ratings in the key demos?? Advertisers won’t go along with that crap for much longer.

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    I hate ABC I hope Prospect Park gets everything they are asking for and more. They will not bring back shows millions love, but will keep The Spew on the air and not interrupt it and wait until General Hospital is on for news stories.

  • mona

    why didn’t they wait and interupt one of the talk show since they have so many of them now.

  • Guest

    BS, my provider doesn’t offer Soaps OnDemand so I still can’t watch it, won’t let me watch it for a week, hulu makes you get hulu plus which wants credit card info, BS! That’s why I always relied on Soap Net which is no longer 🙁

  • flamingolady

    ABC LOVES to harass the soap fans, and that is why since April 2011, ABC has not been turned on in my house. I DVR GH and watch later. I can honestly say that the Soap Fans have caused the huge tank in ABC ratings, and if people would only DVR the shows that they do watch, and truthfully most of ABC’s line up sucks, then ABC would maybe have to change some management.

  • Bexx

    It’s GH! I highly doubt most cared.