NBC and USA Developing New Soaps


It wasn’t that long ago when the soap opera genre was considered to be dying, but it has since seen a major turnaround — to the point where NBC (home of sudser “”) and USA are developing new soaps!

The Hollywood Reporter has published an article in which it’s revealed that NBCUniversal is developing an English-language version of “” (), and USA is developing an English-language version of “” () — telenovelas belonging to their sister network, Telemundo.

“These agreements are further examples of our continuos efforts to work across the NBCUniversal brands to integrate and leverage our resources and expertise,” says , chairman, Hispanic Enterprises and Content at NBCUniversal.

Adds , president and chief content officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment: “The telenovela format has a long history of delivering compelling episodic dramas and storylines that transcend culture and generations. We’re fortunate to have a library of stellar content that we can tap into with Telemundo and are excited at the prospect of extending it across our cable portfolio.”

“El Senor de los Cielos” follows Aurelio Casillas (), a prominent Mexican drug lord from the 90s, and draws 2.3 million viewers nightly. Meanwhile, “Mujer de Acero” has yet to debut on Telemundo. There’s no word yet on whether the English versions will be daytime or primetime shows.

  • Susan Cange

    oh man i love the sound of that.

  • sands of time

    Days of our Lives forever!!!

  • Rachel

    Forget these Spanish soaps bring back One Life To Live you idiots

    • sands of time

      Kassie DePaiva (Blair, OLTL) will be on Days of our Lives!!!

      • Kevin Little

        “Days of Our Lives” sucks, though. I gave up on it 26 years ago. (Kassie is fantastic though!!!)

        • sands of time

          Well, a lot has happened in 26 years. If you watch now, you may be surprised. What happened to make it suck back in 1988? I know there were quite a few character departures in 1987. You must have been missing them too much.

  • Louisa

    Bring back OLTL!!

  • kelly

    I’ve seen Spanish soaps and most have the same themes and endings, which are really culturally tailored for Latin Americans. The stories would have to be altered for English versions, as I don’t think it would work otherwise, so why bother? Maybe NBC executives think Spanish soaps are more successful because the content of those soaps are better, so let’s just copy those. But the success of the Spanish soaps stems more from their prime time airing and network support than from great story telling. A problem with US soaps is that they are treated as secondary in comparison to just about all other programming on any given network.

    I would love to have As the World Turns and Guiding Light back on air. It’s not possible to have them back exactly as they were, I know. However, what I loved about them is they had the best casts overall, and that’s something made possible by their casting department. Hire those people who were able to cast good actors and match them to the correct characters…and hire the best in wardrobe, makeup ect. from past or present daytime and get a soap back on air like ATWT and GL and make them even better than before.

    • Melinda F.

      I too,would love to see the return of ATWT and GL. Or at least make a spin off. For ATWT it could be named “Oakdale,” with Tom and Margo starring as the new older generation,like Bob and his wife was,and Tom’s Grandmother and her husband was also.

      • nc girl

        I would LOVE to see ATWT and GL back.

  • Dzz Dee

    More Day time Soap programs is alright with me, except I only know English!

  • Jose

    Where are Scotty, Lucy, Laura, and Leslie?