Joe Magnani/The CW
Joe Magnani/The CW

Former “Guiding Light” and “” alum (ex-Dinah Marler, “GL”; ex-Lanie Cortlandt Rampal, “AMC”) may have not one, but two big hits on her hands!

In addition to recently being cast on the upcoming “NCIS” spin-off, Turco also stars on the post-apocalyptic drama “″, which just debuted on the CW last night. And according to the network, it was a huge success! ‘′ drew 2.7 million viewers, making it not only the CW’s most-watched season premiere of the season, but also their most watched mid-season premiere in four years!

The show is set 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wipes out all of Earth’s inhabitants. The only survivors are those who managed to get into a space station orbiting the Earth during the war. The spaceship decides to send 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of re-populating the planet. It stars , who is well-known in Australia as one of the former stars of soap opera “.” It also features (“Lost”), (“Sunset Beach”), (“Grey’s Anatomy”), and Turco as a councilwoman aboard the space station.

In addition to being the most-watched CW mid-season premiere in four years, it was also the CW’s most-watched show in that time slot in over three years. It’s not known yet how Turco’s “NCIS: New Orleans” role will affect her role on “The 100,” if at all.

“The 100″ airs Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on the CW network.

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