Sean Kanan Leaving ‘GH’ Role for Old ‘B&B’ Role!


After “’s” A.J. Quartermaine was shot and put into critical condition by Sonny Corinthos () a few weeks ago, fans began speculating if this could be the end of the line for the long-time Port Charles resident. Even so, it comes as a shock today that A.J.’s portrayer, , has confirmed that he will be leaving “GH” at the end of this month to return to his role on “!”

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, Kanan explains that his “GH” exit was a mutual decision by him and the producers. Although, according to him, his exit has a lot to do with his unhappiness over the writing for his character.

“I was utterly thrilled to be brought back to ‘GH’ for the 50th anniversary and really enjoyed working with , but I was not over the moon about the writing,” Kanan tells TV Guide. “Doing stories about panic attacks and relish was not what I thought I’d signed up for. I feel I brought everything I could to the character yet it was obvious they weren’t going to give me a great love story, which I found very disappointing.”

Kanan further explains that he expressed his unhappiness to ‘GH’ Executive Producer Frank Valentini. “We mutually agreed that if I wasn’t happy, and they could find a good way to write me out, that it was best to wrap it up.”

Fans of Kanan shouldn’t worry about Kanan disappearing from their TV screens though – after speaking with Valentini, Kanan let “B&B” Executive Producer know of his upcoming availability. He was then offered a contract to return to the CBS show as Deacon Sharpe, the shady businessman father of Hope Logan (). Kanan originated the role in 2000 and starred as Deacon for five years. He then returned to the role in 2009 and appeared up until October 9, 2012.

“Deacon is my favorite of all the characters I’ve played,” Kanan explains. “I started my career in daytime on ‘GH’ but returning to ‘B&B’ feels like I’m going home.”

Kanan will continue to work at “GH” until March 28, with his final air date scheduled to be a few weeks after that. He’s expected to return to work at “B&B” in mid-April and will show up on our TV screens there on June 13.

UPDATE 2:10 PM: “General Hospital” headwriter has taken to Twitter to respond to Sean Kanan’s claim that the writing for A.J. Quartermaine has been disappointing.

  • DaysFanSince83

    Unhappy with the writing?? Join the club!!!!

    • Andrew Hass

      Sean mention the relish story and AJ having panic attacks but those stories ended last Summer.If he had a problem with the writing and that’s why he’s leaving maybe he should mention recent things on the show and not things that happened months ago.Plus now that he’s leaving maybe he’s trying to come up with a reason so the GH fans don’t hate him.Also Ron Carlivati is the head writer but i’m sure he has to get story approval sometimes.Also i’m sure Sean had a great relationship with Frank Valentini but actors are probably producers on soaps then they are head writers.

      • elizabeth nesbeth

        G.H writing for AJ has been crappy as usual..

  • Andrew Hass

    I wish Sean all the best on B&B but down the line he could return to GH.However i’m not that surprised he’s leaving and i don’t think it just happened overnight.

    Rumors have been going on around for months that he was leaving but Sean kept denying them but there could have been some truth to them.

  • Bexx

    Hmm…trouble in paradise?

  • blosnet

    How about this comment Carlivati – maybe you should take a ‘class’ – a writing class!

    • robin washington

      hahahaha…good one!!

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    The beginning of the end and that is sad, because there will be three left.

    • Andrew Hass

      I like Sean Kanan but i don’t think him leaving will lead to GH being cancelled.GH right now has the best ratings that they have had in a long time.As for RC i don’t think he should have made his comment and try to take the high road.Instead he could have said i enjoyed writing for Sean on GH but i wish him well.As for Sean maybe he could have waited to criticize the show until he wrapped taping in a couple of weeks.Now he goes back to the set and it could be a little tense there.

      • TV&MovieBuff

        I’m sure things have been tense on that set between Sean and Ron for a long time. Sean expressed on his Twitter feed that he had a problem with the fat jokes Ron was injecting into the writing. Ron was taking punches at Sean way back then. So I doubt there was any love lost between the two. If Ron C. thinks Sean Kanan is fat I think he needs to get his eyes checked. Sean K. is not fat.

        I’m just glad that Sean Kanan finally expressed what many fans are feeling. And I am glad that TV Guide and The Examiner have finally broken away from the pact and called Ron C. out on his Twitter behavior. This time he can’t deny things by erasing the Tweets and say they never happened. The Examiner, SON, and TV Guide published them.

        As to Ron C. there is no high road for him. The man is a bitter, angry man who thinks he is God’s gift to soap writing. He could possibly be good if he learned to listen to fans and others who try to let him know what is working. But he honestly thinks everything he churns out is so good. He has listened way too long to the folks on the Internet who have ordained him the savior of all soaps that he honestly thinks he is some kind of God….and HE ISN’T — far from it.

        And after his classless rant over Days winning the writer’s guild award over him, he has a lot of nerve calling someone else classless.

        • Andrew Hass

          I don’t think Ron Carlivati should have made those comments in response to Sean Kanan.However right now GH’s ratings are higher than they have been in several years and Ron gets some of the credit.His job is write for GH and make it the best soap he can and not to make people like him as a person.As for Sean Kanan i agree with him that the writing could have been better for him but the 2 examples he used regarding the relish and panic attacks happened months ago on the show.Yeah he may have had a problem with the writing back then but maybe he should have used more recent examples about his complaints about the writing.At the end of the day only of the men is staying at GH.Plus Sean still has a couple more weeks at GH before he wraps there and it might be little tense there.

          • TV&MovieBuff

            Well most fans across many boards are upset with the writing on GH right now. And if that continues those ratings could go down at any time.

            As far as the set, I highly doubt that he even sees Ron C. on the set. Most writers are never even on set…maybe just a few times a year now. There are some script writers that live across the country even on Days. They may only be in the Days studio once or twice a year.

            Sean didn’t say anything about anyone at GH other than Ron C. And it was even an attack on him. He was just disappointed with the writing.

            And probably the reason he didn’t mention anything recent…what stories has Sean Kanan really had since the panic attacks. He had the trial but it was so short. He was offscreen for months at a time.

            He’s just been everyone’s punching bag since he lost ELQ to Tracy….the same way that Guza wrote AJ the whole time before. So really he only mentioned the only real stories he got.

            He was even dropped out of the only 2 possible love interests he had. They dropped his connection and chemistry with Carly so that she go to Franco. And he was dropped as a credible love interest for Liz in favor of her romance with Nik….a romance that was so panned by critics and fans when it was written before…why in the world did they go there again when the chemistry was so strong between Liz and AJ.

            GH has not worked for me since the introduction of Franco, Kiki, and that Clay person. The last time I was really excited and had to watch every day was when AJ returned. It was so exciting and there was great promise with AJ, Michael, etc.

            Now it is just a convoluted, campy mess. I was briefly excited by Robin’s return but Ron C. thoroughly botched that one. He made me hate the only couple that I have cared about on soaps in years. As well as hating Robin. It was a stupid return and should have never happened the way it did.

            I’m glad that sites like the Examiner are calling Ron C. out finally. It’s about time.

  • DAYS GH fan

    Sad news for many GH fans, but I believe that GH will continue to draw the great ratings we’ve seen this whole season (and that the other networks can only dream of in that time slot, especially CBS with its crappy talk show that replaced ATWT).

    But I also think that DAYS might actually surpass them with all the hot stories that are coming up there: the WilSon wedding, the EJami wedding vs. EJabby, Kristen’s (Eileen Davidson’s) return, John Black’s (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena’s possible closure and so on and so on.

    DAYS has the best cast in many, many years (the only sad thing is that Chandler Massey left, because he’s totally outstanding, but Guy Wilson is doing a great job as the new Will) and the best stories of all soaps. So, I think there are good times ahead for all soap fans 🙂

  • GH Stalwart

    It’s not just the stories (and Sean is right to complain, since he’s barely had any since he came back, including a lengthy hiatus while being written off to prison for 3 or 4 months), it’s the godawful dialogue! Suzanne Flynn’s episodes are unwatchable, and Kate “Nothin’ But Exposition” Hall’s are just as bad. GH is down to only four dialogue writers, and half of them are hacks; for the love of daytime, Frank and Ron, dump the deadwood and hire someone with real talent and wit. And no, they DON’T have to be old warhorses from your OLTL regime. Think outside the box, dump the cliches, and cut way back on the repetitive scenes and rehashing. Then you may feel free to get defensive when your cast complains about your writing.

  • Kar

    Frank and Ron ‘s loss is SK and CBS’s gain. How does ABC feel about the actors hating the GH regime and jumping ship to CBS? Talking up CBS as well for how they’re treating.

    Frank and Ron screwed over SK for the entire return. They claimed he was in jail and off screen for the reality of it? Then I’m sure we’ll see Franco off screen for good, for the reality of it? Or Sonny or Ava or Sean?

    And Ron’s going to complain about class?

  • disgusted

    AJ came on the show, and tiic destroyed him. relish wars ended by OLTL actor, Panic attacks, off screen for months. I had watched AJ for years, and abusing women, even the ones that had abused him never happened.SK has belts in karate, do tiic of this show have any idea how stupid Sonny beating him up looked. SK had a lot of class with the way he explained why he was leaving. It wasn’t really necessary because anyone who watches the show knows characters disappear and stories go no where . Unless you were once on OLTL. The only classless person on GH is The writer ,he goes on twitter and when people don’t bow down to his ideas he becomes a mean girl and bars them. Slowly but surely they are doing to this show what they did to OLTL.

  • fabiola

    AJ is dead AGAIN

  • Diane from LI

    When GH brought AJ back with his poorly written storyline, they had already killed him off. Go home to BB, Sean. Good for you!