More Details on Prospect Park Networks Bankruptcy; Company Owes ABC $1.7 Million

As we reported yesterday, Prospect Park Networks — the company behind the online re-launch of soaps “” and “” — has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. And as news of the latest PPN vs. ABC twist spread, further details were revealed: The production company reportedly owes ABC $1.7 million, and it also owes some big name actors large sums of money, as well!

According to documents secured by The Hollywood Reporter, Prospect Park Networks owes a whopping $1.7 million to ABC, $750,000 to the law firm of Andrews Kurth (which is representing PPN in the company’s ongoing lawsuit with ABC), $112,000 to the law firm of Lavely & Singer (which is also helping in the battle against ABC), $86,000 to the Screen Actors Guild and about $50,000 to the Directors Guild. In addition, the company reports owing actress (Victoria Lord, “OLTL”) $205,000 and showrunner $76,000.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that PPN also owes $345,000 to the Connecticut Film Center (where the online versions of “AMC” and “OLTL” taped), $565,000 to NEP Broadcasting (a teleproduction service company), and $60,000 to actor (David Vickers, “OLTL”).

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  • TV&MovieBuff

    Wow they were just a train wreck. They vowed they had the money to do this project. Yet everything it seems they said was a lie.

    • Jenn

      I agree. Prospect Park lied and said they had enough money to produce these shows. Now we find out they didn’t even pay the actors! And with this bankrupcty, they’re not going to pay the actors!
      This means they trick a soap legend and retired grandmother into working for free! They tricked a new single father of twins to work for free!
      To add insult to injury, stories I enjoyed on GH were screwed up so that PP could tell tasteless stories on their weak reboots!

  • Bexx


  • Andrew Hass

    This sheds new light on the lawsuit PP filed against ABC.They had to have known they would never get what they were suing for but they may have thought ABC would settle for less.