Has ‘Y&R’ Officially Decided to Recast Adam?


There’s been a lot of onscreen talk about the possibility of “’” Adam Newman having survived the car crash that presumably killed him, meaning there’s a chance the show will in fact be recasting the character. And according to a recent casting call put out by the sudser, they’re on the hunt for a dashing leading man. But will it be a replacement for , who departed the role in January?

Soap Opera Digest reports that the casting department is searching for a character by the name of Aaron Newton, and not only does his name sound like Victor’s son, the description sounds a lot like him, too! “Caucasian Male. MID 30s to LATE 30s. A very handsome, very SEXY, very appealing, very charming LEADING MAN,” states the casting call for the contract role, which would begin taping in May. “Aaron is a smart businessman, loves women, and can out maneuver even the shrewdest. NOTE: Actor must be AT LEAST 5’10 and have NO ACCENT PLEASE. This actor will carry major storylines. ONLY actors with strong acting experience will be considered.”

But what do you think? Is the show recasting Adam? And if so, who would you like to see step into the character’s shoes? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Ann Freeman

    Yes. They will probably bring in a twin brother that only Victor knew about. or Adam never died in the car explosion .

  • Andrew Hass

    I think eventually the show will recast Adam and even though they might be starting the casting process now doesn’t mean they will hire an actor immediately.I’m sure they will want to find the right actor and not just hire the first one who auditions.Plus the show did leave the door open for Adam’s return because his body was never found.

  • Billy

    Just rehire Muhney. He made the role and turned the character in to a leading player. It’s ridiculous that level headed people can’t work their problems out.

    • Andrew Hass

      I’m also certain that Y&R won’t be rehiring MIchael Muhney anytime soon.Yeah they could rehire him but that could lead to a legal mess because Hunter King could sue them because it’s not a safe work environment for her.Now it might be a good thing that Muhney is staying out of the public eye right now because in time maybe the scandal will blow over if no one is talking about it.Now if Muhney ever returns to Y&R i’m betting he’ll say he got the help he needed to deal with his issues and wants a fresh start.What he supposedly did is not the worst thing ever and people could forgive him.

      • Fred

        Heard kristoff st John stated on twitter that nothing happened with hunter king. Why are you spreading lies? These lies came from TMZ and national enquirer not a reputable news source.

        • sands of time

          Y&R could have made up a lie as an excuse to get rid of MM and hold on to viewers. People were and are tuning in to see what all the fuss is about. Y&R is not good with storylines. They have to grab viewers with backstage drama!

          Days of our Lives characters and storylines have my attention!

          • Bexx

            So for the last 25 years Y&R has been using backstage drama to attract viewers? Do you even watch Y&R, how would you know anything about their story lines? DOOL will NEVER be a dominating force in the ratings game, especially when they are considered the bottom feeders, along with GH and it’s fantasy story telling..

          • sands of time

            I’ve tried to watch through the years, but it was always really slow and depressing. They have a lock on depressing! They’ve had backstage brawls from way back. Does EB ring a bell?

        • Andrew Hass

          Unless Kristoff St. John was there when whatever happened between Michael Muhney and Hunter King happened it’s just his opinion that nothing happened.Plus if he was friends with Muhney then he’s just supporting a friend.

      • Donna Floto-Grover

        Michael most likely wouldn’t want to return, they chose to believe her story. Michael should have taken her to court and gotten his job back.

        • Andrew Hass

          I don’t thik the show would have fired Michael Muhney without investigating Hunter King’s story a little at least.Plus unless i missed something MIchael hasn’t said outright that he’s innocent.Plus we haven’t heard anything from his camp for awhile.I don’t think the show could stop Michael now from speaking out and give his side of the story.

          • Donna Floto-Grover

            I just read an article written by Nelson Branco, he is a well respected journalist who covers many soaps and he wrote that the two had a verbal confrontation, nothing more. Also, a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Why Michael didn’t do more to defend himself is unknown, but I rather believe that he wouldn’t be so stupid as to actually do that to any woman, and besides Hunter has only been with Y&R for under a year and many of the other woman that Michael has worked with have nothing but good things to say, for instance, Sharon Case, she’s beautiful and she has said that he’s always been a complete gentlemen. And if he really did do this why was he allowed to continue working for entire month when his contract came to an end, CBS would not have taken that chance.

          • Andrew Hass

            Whether it was just a verbal confrontation maybe Muhney still crossed a line he shouldn’t have.Plus like you say a person is innocent until proven guilty but Muhney might not have helped his case by keeping quiet.He’s not nothing to lose by giving his side of the story.As for him working an extra month maybe that was Sony’s idea and not CBS’s because they’re the ones who produces Y&R and probably pays the actors.

          • Donna Floto-Grover

            I would imagine that Muhney probably struggled with whether or not to plead his side of the story. He probably discussed it with his wife and since they have children they most likely didn’t want to subject their children to ridicule by their classmates. Sometimes it’s best to let it blow over and not bring attention to it and just let time do it’s thing. I wish MM the best of luck and success.

          • Andrew Hass

            You make some good points.Maybe Michael Muhney has stayed quiet all these months because he knew no matter what he said there would be some people who wouldn’t believe him.Plus i like you wrote maybe he was hoping this would all blow over in time as something else pops up to take people’s attention away.However if another soap wants to hire him they might ask him if he did what he was accused of because they may not want a lawsuit down the line.However i don’t think Michael Muhney is ever coming back to Y&R because i think too much has happened and not just what he supposedly did to Hunter King.I think Michael deserves a fresh start somewhere else.

          • Donna Floto-Grover

            Yeah, I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s showbiz and other actors have done far worse, IMO. I guess only time will tell whether or not he’ll rebound from this. If he doesn’t get any job offers he may have no choice but to go to court over this and have his name cleared. I really just don’t believe Hunter’s accusations.

          • Andrew Hass

            If Michael Muhney is innocent then his name should be cleared.However going to court to clear his name could backfire on him because that could open the door for other things he might have done in the past to come out.Yeah he could clear his name where Hunter King is concerned but hurt his reputation in other ways.However as you point out other actors have done worse and got past it but it took time.I don’t think Michael’s acting career is over and i’m sure another soap will try to hire him down the line but once this controversy has gone away somewhat.

          • Donna Floto-Grover

            Yeah, I heard of some alleged grouping he did when at the show Veronica Mars, which by the way, IMO, he would have been extra careful and avoided any repeat of that type of accusation. I hope things work out for the better for MM.

      • michaelenegon

        It has come to light that HK’s allegations were false and just plain lies!

  • heather mcdaniels

    Sorry, but they’ll never find someone like Muhney to play this character. When he took over from Chris Egan (who wasn’t bad in the part), he MADE Adam his own and gave him a personality that no one else could ever duplicate. To try and hire someone new to take his place in the Y&R world as THE Adam Newman? Impossible!

    But we ALL know that whomever is taking Michael Muhney’s place will be scrutinized so much by fans, because of the amazing love/hate relationship they had with Muhney’s Adam. Whomever the actor will be, I wish him a LOT of luck … the shoes he has to fill are going to be massive!

    BTW, there won’t be a “twin brother” or anything like that when nuAdam comes along. Since they’re showing that he’s being cared for in some kind of “hospital” setting, guaranteed he’s either been badly burned (facially) or had massive plastic surgery (again, facially) so they can explain away the fact that Adam has a new face.

    • jade

      They really are clowns playing with the fans. Whoever the choose to replace MM will have a lot of backlash from the real fans, cuz he will be thrown under the bus. Just like JFP & crew did to Michael Muhney!

  • Susan Cange

    the y could call him aaron newton, mickey mouse, who the heck cares. this is MM part and always will be. dont try to snow the fans over cand call this casting call part aaron newton.

    • Cher

      I’m thrilled to have someone different playing the part. Muhney was fired for a reason. It’s no longer his job.

      • RedRiver38

        Good for you, but it was Muhney that developed the character into the force Adam became. It’s still his role.

      • michaelenegon

        He was very technically NOT FIRED. It’s a matter of record. being asked to take a break is not the same as a FIRING! and since then, the allegations by Hunter King have proven to be LIES!!!!!!

  • Priscilla Wild

    Would love to see Trevor St. John in the role of Adam Newman. He seems to fit every requirement.

    • RedRiver38

      He’s too old and wouldn’t tolerate Braeden’s ego and arrogance. TSJ doesn’t want to do soaps anymore.

  • richalan67

    If Ashley, Jack, and Jill can be recast so can Adam. There are more fish in the Hollywood bowl than MM.

    • Fred

      No one can replace Muhney. You will see. It will be more unpopular than the Billy recast which reeks.

      • richalan67

        He’s gone. Get over it. Maybe a little therapy like Sharon would work for you deranged fans.

        • RedRiver38

          Maybe you need to get over it. Muhney made the character into a lead. Have some respect for his talent and fans. Your smug attitude is typical of a Y&R loon.

          • Cul-de-sac

            Jill and Jack were recast. Both actors who originally played these roles were popular. They were also both difficult behind-the-scenes. But Jess Walton and Peter Bergman came in and make those roles their own.

            There are a few roles that cannot be recast based on the actor’s personalization of the role, but this is not one of them.

          • Bexx

            You’re not watching anymore, therefore no one gives a fk what you and the other Muhney parasites think.

          • GUEST

            (IN MOJO JOJO”S VOICE) AW SHUT UP! The Muhney parasites don’t give a hoot to what YOU and the other anti-Muhney parasites think. Show them some respect and GET A LIFE DUMB (BLEEP)!!

        • GUEST

          No YOU GET OVER IT DUMB (BLEEP)! Maybe YOU and your anti-Muhney parasites should get therapy on your own. What? you have a terrible life? apparently so! YOU have a terrible life because YOU don’t like the fact that everyone in this world which does NOT involve around YOU and your anti-Muhney parasites have opinions. Don’t like our opinions then GET OUT OF THIS SITE AND THE INTERNET ALTOGETHER (BLEEP)!

  • Patrick Ferrando

    Again, regardless of the reason, MM was FIRED for something he did, so he’s not coming back. His “fans” supposedly left the show when he did, so no one cares what they think of the replacement. They told us over and over and over and over and over and over, that they are not watching.
    Recast the part, so the rest of us can move on and enjoy the character and ALL the characters of the number one soap.
    The show goes on!

    • richalan67

      Preach it brother!!

      • Bexx


  • Sheldon Wasson

    I would like to see Trevor Saint John Ex Victor/ Todd ONTO he would be great for the role and he’s a really good actor.

    • Bexx

      Me too! But I don’t think he wants to do another soap. I hoping when he’s at CBS for his upcoming appearance they attempt to get him.

  • RedRiver38

    Muhney is Adam Newman. End of story. The recast will fail worse than the total flop David Tom has as Billy Miller’s replacement. Phelps is pathetic and it shows.

  • Save Thesoaps

    Trevor St John!!

  • melanietbi

    No replacement for Adam Newman, huge Mistake he is irreplaceable! There is no one like him.

  • Heather

    Should be Michael!!! No one can replace him!!

  • Miranda

    MM was a prick who got along with no one, get over it. Seriously it’s a fictional character. I thought MM was great as Adam but he’s gone and not coming back. There’s no sense throwing a childish tantrum about it. It’ll he hard to see someone else as Adam but we’ll adjust…just like we did years ago when Amelia came on as Victoria instead of Heather Tom. It happens all the time in soaps. I loved Billy Miller, he was amazing. But he chose to leave. David Tom was the original Billy and I’ve grown used to him because I wanted to give him a chance. He’s the same billy he was 15 years ago…look it up in YouTube!

  • Bev

    Michael Muhney the only one to bring into the role!!!!! Listen to this – everyone is saying this … Take note. Or show is failing!!! We no longer enjoy this show. Need we say more OR SAY IT IN A DIFFERENT WAY.. COME ON;WISE UP

  • Pam

    I agree… no one can play Adam like Michael Muhney! My heart has been broken since he has gone. Is he really never coming back???!!!! 🙁

  • Linda

    There can be NO replacement for Michael. He has more talent in his little finger than most have in a lifetime. Y&R made a huge mistake in firing Adam and I think they should reconsider rehiring him and getting rid of the accuser!!

  • michaelenegon

    MM is the ONLY man with the qualities needed to go toe to toe with TGVN!!!
    Aaron Newton? Cannot find this “person” anywhere. Mathison is out officially.
    Maybe we can have a magic act here: Atroscious, lying evil non-actress Hunter King gets the exit door….and MM comes in the front entrance!