CBS Slays February Sweeps

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Soap opera for the end of February may have been a little low (as Soap Opera Network reported here), but as for the month as a whole? “” and “” kicked some major you-know-what!

According to Nielsen live plus same day ratings, both CBS sudsers championed during February Sweeps, boasting their largest February audiences since 2008! “Y&R” averaged 5.28 million viewers, up 13% from last year, while “B&B” averaged 3.88, up 8% since last year.

What’s more, “” and “Let’s Make a Deal” delivered their best February sweeps performances ever! “The Talk” averaged 2.94 million viewers, and “Let’s Make a Deal” averaged 3.23 million viewers. “The Price Is Right” was also up in ratings since last year, averaging 5.46 viewers.

Congratulations, CBS!

  • Jim R

    great news

  • Lori Arbogast

    The reason Y&R had high numbers in Feb. sweeps, has to do with two actors Billy M. and Micheal M,. I stopped watching once they both left the show.I think JFP is doing a bad job with Y&R. It’s a matter of time before CBS gets rid of her, before she bring the show down. Almost happened with GH being canceled , which she was in control over.

    • fff

      your comment makes no sense…

    • JayTN

      Those two particular actors could not have caused Y&R’s “high numbers” during February sweeps because both left the canvas on Jan. 30, and the fans of those actors, including yourself, wouldn’t have been watching Y&R during February, right?!?

      As far as Jill Farren Phelps leading GH towards cancellation, that didn’t happen. However, if you’re looking for a soap that is led by a producer whose last job was shepherding their soap off the air, that would be GH, not Y&R.

    • mdbball02

      Don’t know HOW Y&R racked up their highest numbers given so many lifelong fans turned it OFF for the whole month of Feb to get them to bring back Billy Miller! I’m not seeing anyway this could be a true story. Site after site has folks talking about how they left after watching 20, 30, or 40 years to get rid of JFP before she drives the show into cancellation, and these “highest ever ratings” stories come out? Hmmmmmmm seems a bit suspect to me. Then again the 20 somethings out there don’t get that watching no matter what JFP does to ruin the show will NEVER make it change. SMH

      • Kenia

        Give it a rest! Obviously all those who said they were tuning out…didn’t! So now its a conspiracy when Y&R post high ratings??? You guys need lives.

  • Bexx

    Thank you SON for a little perspective.

  • patte008

    A little worried much?