‘B&B’s’ March Madness Filled With Hot Sex, Booze and a Whole Lotta Crazy!

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

” is amping up the intrigue this March with some major “oh no they didn’t!” plot points: Ridge () and Katie () have a sensual sex session, Brooke () and Bill () go on booze benders, dead Darla () makes a ghostly return and Aly () brings whole new meaning to the term “super strange!” Read on for more details, straight from TV Guide and “B&B’s” executive producer, !

This month will prove to be can’t-miss-television for CBS’ fashion oriented sudser, starting with Brooke’s reaction to her sister, Katie, and recent fiancé, Bill, doing the deed. “Brooke is completely stunned. Her head is spinning. She never loses!” teases Bell of the dramatic story. “It’s such a foreign concept to her that she could be No. 2 — and losing Ridge to her sister, Katie, of all people! When ‘B&B’ started, who would have thought that little Katie with the pimples would steal away the one and only Ridge Forrester? [Laughs] It was the ultimate long shot! Brooke feels very betrayed by Katie.”

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

The result, the exec reveals, is a new direction for both Brooke and for Bill. “Brooke and Katie have been trying to keep their sisterly bond but this really puts the relationship to the test. Brooke doesn’t know quite how to handle it, so she ends up turning to liquor. Our Brooke will hit the skids,” he reveals, adding that the turn eventually connects her to Bill on a whole new level. “Bill and Brooke will realize they’re much more alike than they thought. We’ll be taking them into some interesting new territory.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to March Madness storylines. For more details — including details on Ridge and Katie’s sex scene, Aly’s brain-bending behavior and Darla’s “return” from the grave — check out TV Guide’s interview with Bell here!

  • karen

    Disgusting! I know this is a soap opera, but I can’t stomach this Katie/Ridge & Brooke/Bill crap!!!! I refuse to watch this garbage!

    • Richie

      Good don’t watch, soaps are not for you. Millions of others will watch in your place. You will not be missed!

      • mdbball02

        Sorry Richie … B&B is losing viewers constantly. Ever since they turined the show into a BRAT PACK (revolving for years around Hope, Liam, Steffy, now Hope, Liam, Wyatt) Grownups are turning it off! (And veteren cast memebrs have left too!)

        • JonNYC

          It’s actually gaining viewers.

        • Richola Polston

          To Mr bell as a loong time b&b fan, I mean from the beginning. I have seen it all. Crazy Sheila, Brooke constantly chasing Ridge thus has GOTTEN old & SUPER boring. Brooke Marrying Al the Forrester Men. Brooke/Ridge/Caroline/Taylor/ & Whoever he feels like dumping Brooke for. NO SELF-RESPECTING WOMAN would Continuously CHASE a MAN who Keeps Running BACK & FORTH. When will Brooke Dump him. When will he have to CHASE HER, TREAT HER SPECIAL, WHEN WILL SHE (BROOKE) get a Back Bone/Spine/Self Esteem? Stop BEING A DOORMAT WAKE UP. It’s 2014, not 1987. RIDGE knows BROOKE will Chase him like a in heat & take him back no matter how badly he treats her. This is DEMEANING TO ALL WOMEN. Katie us no SAINT. SHE got pregnant by her Niece’s Husband while babysitting for them. Pushed Bill to Brooke.

      • sands of time

        Soaps are for me, but they have to be as good as DAYS! It’s beyond me why people choose B&B over DAYS!!!

    • sands of time

      DAYS is waaaaay better!!!

      • JonNYC

        Days is way better than the other hour long dramas but sometimes drags on too.

  • Timmy Lee Roberts

    Sick, sick, sick.

  • JonNYC

    It’s a great show. Perfect length at 30 minutes it doesn’t drag on forever like Y/R and G/H. Production values are top notch and it has the largest increase of year to year viewership. B/B is the new daytime soap model.