TVGN To Now Air Same Day Episodes of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’


The Bold and the Beautiful Mast Head by Soap Opera Network


Since acquiring encore airing rights to CBS’ “” late last year, had been airing the series with a one day delay. Beginning Monday, February 17, however, the network announced today that it will start airing same day episodes of the world’s most watched daytime drama series.

“B&B” will continue airing weeknights at 6:30 PM, ET/PT preceding the network’s encore airings of CBS’ “,” which airs at 7:00 PM, ET/PT.

  • Bexx

    Very nice.

  • Strachan Pindar

    Now that SoapNet is gone, and WatchABC is useless for most of us (in my case, DirecTV doesn’t allow us to use it, costing me more $ for HuluPlus just in case weather or something else preempts shows)–I would BEG TVGN to also get the rights to General Hospital and Days. (After all, you are the >TV< Guide network, and I'm seeing too many movies instead of TV shows here.) Heck, I'd r-e-a-l-l-y like you to revive OLTL, in particular, but the point is that soaps are a major part of TV history, an enormous source of entertainment, and the genre should not die, but be celebrated. What better place than TV Guide?