SCORECARD: David Tom Back As ‘Y&R’s’ Billy; Marco Dapper Back as Carmine!


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Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Now that has played out his final scenes as “’” Billy Abbott (in a gripping finale in which both he and ’s Adam Newman careened off an icy road after a dramatic showdown regarding the hit and run death of Delia), former portrayer has stepped back into the role of Victoria’s () hubby. Meanwhile, viewers were shocked to see return as the very-much-alive Carmine Basco on Friday, January 31! So how did the returns of both actors rate?

After a giant explosion in which the car that both Billy and Adam were driving in burnt to a crisp, one man managed to crawl through the snow, making it out alive. And of course, as fans know, that man was Billy — now with Tom’s face! So what did you think of the actor’s return to the role (which he last played from 1999 to 2001)? Was it nice to see him back in Billy’s shoes?

Meanwhile, Dapper shocked viewers with his unexpected return to the canvas, which clears Fenmore () of murder charges, but introduces loads more drama in the exciting storyline! Are you happy that Carmine is back causing more trouble? Or would you have preferred him left on “the other side?” Let us know in the comment section below!

  • Nancy Wood

    If Carmine is under witness protection, how can he live in GC??? Everyone knows him there & Womack is fixing to be released from jail and he turned states evidence on him. Doesn’t make any sense to keep him around. Don’t want him terrorizing Lauren, either & that is what he would do. So let him stay away!!!

    • Richie

      Calm down everybody, esp. the 2 above posts, it is only a soap opera, & a GOOD one at that!!!!

  • KeyzW

    So they were prosecuting a teenager for a murder and Feds knew all along he didn’t, I would sue!

    • Jack

      Fen is still guilty of attempted murder, plus he falsely accused Carmine of being a drug dealer who caused Fen to overdose. Carmine could sue the entire Baldwin clan.

  • Bexx

    David looks great, the resemblance to Billy Miller is uncanny. I wish they had just killed off Carmine, it’s time to move forward.

    • Sally VanDyke

      Well, I’m glad Carmine is not dead…at least for the moment, so he was able to end the abysmal “Fen Murdered Carmine” storyline. NOW they can kill him off for real.
      Womack gets out of prison, finds Carmine, they kill each other in a shootout. Works for me.

    • Jack

      I wasn’t familiar with David Tom, but he even sounds like Billy Miller!

  • Harlee

    I ecstatic with DT’s return and glad having a familiar face in the role and not immediate new recast, it makes it easier for the transition for the character.

    As for Carmine….NO I’m not shock as JFP wants the viewers to believe, I had a feeling about this story ever since Fen was suppose to kill Carmine. I’m so glad this story is over, it stunk to high heaven, boy did it fizzle in the end after having the hotness with CarmineLauren hookup. Please no more terrorizing of Lauren which she has been terrorized for 20 years. TB is a wonderful vet of the show and can be used in different story and has many strengths. Give Fen a young romantic story now, not another doom & gloom story, Max is such a fine young actor so let him shine.

    Ray Wise is extremely good actor but I DO NOT like this story because once again more story, more screen time of god awful Dylan character. SB has more continuous stories one after another since Dylan character appeared compared to any other character on canvas. JFP’s pet is not this god winning actor but mediocre actor. He’s not YR material….sorry but I’m still not enjoying Dylan or Steve Burton.

    As far as YR it has been at its best the last 2 weeks for me. It has been so mundane and one note driven for so long with all the depression, dread, doom, no romance, no levity and hope this is signal the show will be more balance.

    We can always pray!

  • Jack

    The Baldwins learned that Fen falsely accused Carmine of dealing drugs and did nothing to get the charges against Carmine dropped. As an attorney, Michael knows this is a crime to withhold evidence. So when Carmine snapped it was at least partly Michael and Laurens fault. Before that , Carmine had been a genial and fun loving bartender . The character and actor had great potential on a show that is too full of dismal and hopeless plots. To waste Dapper on the umpteenth plot of Lauren getting stalked was a disservice to both fans and actor.

  • Don

    Welcome back DT to the show