New ‘Beacon Hill’ Trailer: ‘Discreet is My Middle Name’

Open Book Productions/Bella Productions

We’re just under 30 days away from the debut of new web series “” and yesterday Open Book Productions/Bella Productions released a new trailer to get the anticipation rising. It turns out not everything is what it seems in Massachusetts politics!

In the new trailer, we get a closer look at ’s (ex-Kendall, “”) reporter character Sara Preston. She’s returned home to Boston after her Senator grandfather has a stroke that paralyzes half of his body. But is Sara there to visit her ailing grandfather or has she been sent there to report on her family? We also catch a glimpse of Sara’s mother Claire, played by (ex-Carly, “Days of Our Lives.”) What’s in the envelope? And why the need to be discreet about it?

These questions and more will be answered when “Beacon Hill” debuts Wednesday, March 5. The series will be made available on, with all 12 episodes of the first season available for $9.99.

  • Soapster

    This series looks great but sadly I do not think people are going to pay 10 dollars for only 12 episodes. We only had to pay 7.99 for 40 episodes of one life to live and all my children which equalled 80 episodes together. I’m not sure why they think people will pay 10 dollars for only 12 episodes makes no sense

  • Takeitish

    I’d pay the $10 for 12 episodes I thought it was going to be $10 per Episode this news makes me happy. I just hope they are full 20-30 min episodes

  • Perla

    $10 I find it a good price, cause is 1.20 dollar per episode. We have to understand that making this kind of shows cost a lot of $$$, if a network picks it up is something else, but for now I will pay with a big smile on my face cause I just want to see the story and it’s a great cast.

    Greetings, Perla