Is Steve Burton Leaving ‘Y&R’ and Heading Back to ‘GH?’

Robert Voets/CBS
Robert Voets/CBS

Yesterday’s “” episode sparked some fan excitement regarding , who used to play Jason Morgan on the sudser but now portrays Dylan McAvoy on “.” After the infamous Victor Cassadine () teased that Jason is very much alive and well (if only in a cryogenic state) and then showed a picture of Burton onscreen, viewers began wondering if the actor is leaving his Genoa City home and returning to Port Charles! But is it true?

Fans began buzzing about his status immediately after the episode aired, and when one asked him via Twitter if he’s under contract at “Y&R,” he set the record straight: “Yes, just re signed,” he wrote.

So it looks like the actor won’t be returning to Port Charles — at least, any time soon! But showing the picture of Jason was very much a purposeful move on behalf of “GH,” meaning there’s a chance the character will soon be recast. If that’s the case, who would you like to see in the role? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Patricia Oliphant

    There is only one Jason need I say more?

    • Lorenzo Canada Jr

      General Hospital has to recast then do it he is staying at the young and the restless his decision

      • charlie815

        No one knows the length of his latest contract with Y&R – Could be 3 months, could be a year, could be 3 years. I knew GH planned to pull a “Lucky” at some point the moment Jason’s body was never found. . . .

    • charlie815


  • Andrew Hass

    I knew Steve Burton wasn’t coming back to GH.As for GH using his picture as Jason they can do that until they hire a recast whenever that is.However i think Jason’s return in the flesh is down the line somewhat and right now the show may just get the fans anticipating his return for when it happens.However that may also depend on when Kimberly McCullough’s status because Robin is leaving to help Jason.

  • Chels

    Please bring on Billy Miller to play Jason !! Only recast I will accept !! I love Steve Burton to the moon and back and wouldnt accept the fact he isnt Jason for the longest time.. but now its time to recast.

  • Bexx

    I highly doubt they could have shown another man’s picture, claiming it to be Jason. I actually like Steve, I just don’t fancy his character on Y&R. Glad he shut down the overzealous fan girls.

  • David

    I hope they don’t recast I just do not see anyone else in the role. I also don’t like them teasing Burton was returning by using his picture but probably just being used to explain Robin leaving!

  • Lampshade

    I like steve, although he is a little overused in YR. I don’t think GH needs Jason back, ratings have hardly suffered since he left and the GH cast listed is already sprawling.

  • David

    I got an idea how about reveal Roger Howarth’s character wasn’t Franco after all. They can make him Jasona and say Victor Cassadine and the WSB brainwashed him. I’m sure that would thrill people, lol

  • leslie

    I am a huge Steve fan! Even followed to the Y&R only to be let down by the WAY TO SISSY Dylan. Its his choice to stay there so if GH must recast my vote is for Billy Miller. I think in time fans would love him.

  • timsdale4ever

    We can dream can’t we?

  • Kevin

    Billy Miller would be a great choice. I wouldn’t mind Cameron Mathison either. I would have accepted Sean Kanan as Jason had the show chosen to have him play that part.

  • charlie815

    Nobody else should play the role of Jason!!! Steve Burton is the only one for the role!!! GH can tease and drag it out until he’s available and not under contract with Y&R. I’ve been watching GH for 34 years and some recasts work ie.. (Carly, Laura Wright) while other recasts fail horribly ie.. (Lucky, Vaughn & Young). It would be an epic fail if TPTB recast Jason!

  • charlie815

    Climbing back up on my soap box here…. there’s been decent recasts ie.. Julian & familiar faces being given new identities ie.. Todd, Starr & John – there’s also been a lot of pleasing blasts from the past. GH keep up the good work and only give PC and the fans the only Jason that matters … Steve Burton 🙂

  • cuppy199

    Some roles just cant be recast Robin is one character and Jason is another and allot of the old vets as well. Looks like GH is getting ready to slap its oldtime fans in the face again. No wonder allot of old fans no longer watch Gh. Steve Burton (Jason) character shouldn’t be recast. Bring Steve Burton back for the role or No Jason at all.

  • parker.p

    i been watching gh for years and its only one jason him and sonny make the show whats next you recast sonny if that happens there is no more gh or port charles get burton back

  • Colie Rutter

    Noone bring Steve Burton back!!!

  • Milana

    GH just hasn’t been the same and recasting Jason will backfire like all the other bad decisions in the last year. Todd/Star and Franco/Kiki?? That was stupid, sorry. It was if they want to stay on the air they had better make better decisions because they have slapped their long time fans in the face a little too much – enter a point of no return.

  • Melanie

    If GH recasts Jason Morgan, they should use Michael Muhney. GH should cast Michael Muhney no matter what. Even as a brand new character. It would do great for GH’s ratings. Michael Muhney has a large loyal following.

  • Mrs. H.

    You are so right adam from the Young and the Restless would be a great bad boy to play Jason, It has to be someone good looking like a ganster image, loyal, gentle side and a look that you know he means business. There you have it. I watch the young and the restless, days, and general for over 30 yrs. I like the way the actors float from one show to another you get to keep seeing them. da da

  • Mrs. H.

    When is Abby going to turn up pregant?? with EJ’s baby what a plot?? And Gabby may have to go she’s very wishy washey almost like an airhead. Not sure about her future. My son is gay and I’m proud to see story lines for them. The new Will is tight he’s doing a good job. Jennifer is another wishy washey goodie two shoes on days, lets get some color on these girls they all look so pale. And the story line with Jen and Dr. Daniel is really getting old lets move on he’s cool and Jen’s just to slow she’s not the greatest actress he really deserves a step up. The guy is pretty smart and would really look good with a step up hair do Lets make him Dr. Dreamy. da da

  • Sunny

    Cast Michael Muhney and you have a new viewer and I have never watched GH in my life. I will follow M M wherever he goes he is that good an actor.

    • Paulette

      Yes he is, if they cast Michael Muhney as Jason, then I will go back to watching the show, but they need to leave Burton on Y & R, he is homestead there now.

  • Melissa

    I am a HUGE Steve Burton fan! I tuned in to Y&R briefly when he moved over, however, could not continue. He is Jason. They can recast Jason, but no one will fill Steve’s shoes!

  • Gary Everett

    This is going to sound really crazy. I see a who shot AJ in the near future. Kill him off, send him to the gym, take the booze away and recast him like they did several on the show already. ie Star-Kiki, Todd-Franco, John Mcbain- Silas Clay. I’m not saying I’m even fond of the new AJ, but with some toning up, he already has the hair and some of his facial features. I wouldn’t put it past um.

  • Tracy smith

    There is only one Jason who Steve Burton made his character awsome . I think its all about money. ABC is stupid not to allow him more time with his family. Replacing him is crazy. Next they will try to replace Luke….

  • Kathy

    Please do not replace Jason if you cannot bring back Steve Burton. I loved Todd on “One Life To Live” but the show has become a joke with all the recasts, Todd as Franco. Cannot watch this train wreck anymore. Have been a loyal fan for over 30 yrs., but the show has really gone down, down, down.

  • marion

    There is only one Jason Morgan and Steve Burton is it. I enjoy his portrayal as Dylan McAvoy. But I am among the fans that desire him to return and cleanup GH. Besides, Sam needs him. Come home Jason? Steve! we need you back.

  • Sherilen Roberts

    It would be very difficult to replace Steve Burton for Jason. However, I think maybe Trevor st. John could pull it off. If he wanted to do that part…

  • PatriciaDequeant

    I won’t watch no more if Steve Burton does not return as Jason. I have been a loyal fan from the beginning. gives me a reason to drop the show

  • Cynthia Moretti

    I have been watching GH since 1987 and I am a huge fan of Jason, also of Steve Burton. My husband watches with me (lucky I know) and when they showed Jason’s pic he looked at me and started cracking up because of the excitement on my face. Sadly, it isn’t going to happen. I have very little faith in GH big wigs realizing that to the majority of fans (especially long timers) there is simply NO recast. I’m sure their going to and it honestly makes me sad that they are so out of touch with us.
    It was a stretch with Carly, but TBraun made it her own and did ok….then LWright came along and I was surprised that she is actually my favorite Carly, but that’s rare. Usually they go along the lines of Franco…I simply can not absorb RH as anyone but Todd; then theres Lucky…Vaughn was nice to look at and wasn’t the worst actor ever, but he was no Lucky Spencer.
    I would rather have no Jason then a pseudo Jason. Its the equivalent of recasting Sonny or Luke, Tracy or Monica…it cant be done successfully so it shouldn’t be done at all.
    Fingers crossed pansy Dylan gets locked up or killed off Y&R and we get our Jason back or they just drop it and let Sam get with Patrick (I love this pairing!!!)

  • mermaid1231

    No one could EVER replace him or play that role as well, so I say just leave Jason dead! Of course ABC won’t listen to their fans because they have proved time and again they don’t care what we think. I like Steve on Y&R, but would rather have him back on GH.