CBS Daytime Garners Largest Weekly Audience in 8 Years; ‘Y&R’ and ‘B&B’ Attract Largest Audience Since 2008 and 2007, Respectively!

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Huge congratulations are in order for CBS Daytime, as the network’s entire lineup managed to attract its largest weekly audience in more than eight years!

According to Nielsen for the week of Monday, January 27 through Friday, January 31, “” averaged 3.19 million viewers — its largest weekly audience ever — while “Let’s Make a Deal” part one attracted 3.71 million viewers, and “Let’s Make a Deal” part two attracted 4.22 million viewers — also the show’s highest ratings ever. With 6.08 million viewers, “The Price Is Right” part one posted its highest ratings since December of 2004, while “The Price Is Right” part two garnered 7.12 million viewers, its highest since December 2005.

Meanwhile, the intense February Sweeps storyline that ushered “’” (Adam Newman) and (Billy Abbott) out of Genoa City paid off: The soap opera managed to pull in 5.73 million viewers — its highest since February 2008! And sister soap “” pulled in 4.17 million, its highest since April 2007.

Congratulations again, CBS Daytime!

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  • PatF

    Wow. Wow, and wow!
    Great job YR!!!

  • timsdale4ever

    Oh my gosh, PIR over 7 million viewers? Amazing!! I wish all of television could keep these numbers going but I feel since all the shows everywhere are up considerably, I feel it’s mainly due to the bad weather. If a couple of shows were getting larger numbers while most others were staying at their norm them I would really be excited for them because I would feel that those shows were cranking out a better show and people are tuning back in to view them because they are better than they use to be — not because they are home and there’s nothing else to do to pass the time.

  • Bexx

    Holy hell, congrats to CBS! The entire line-up is fantastic.

  • let the numbers speak

    Why is the “Soap Opera Network” lying?? And always in favor of the anti-soaps agenda of CBS and ABC??

    “The Talk” is far away from the ratings AS THE WORLD TURNS was drawing in 2007 and 2008, in total viewers and especially in the key sales demos.

    The same is true for “Let’s make a deal” in comparison to GUIDING LIGHT’s ratings back then.

    And in accord with these facts, GENERAL HOSPITAL is constantly drawing DOUBLE the ratings in the women 18-49 key demo that advertisers actually pay for than “The Talk” in the same time slot. And yeah, they are also back to what they were drawing in the 2007-2008 season.

    So, CBS is actually the big loser in these time slots as a result of some execs’ historic mistake to cancel ATWT and GL!

    • Bexx

      Lunatic. Why are you on a website you consider to be lying?

    • Andrew Hass

      I read the aticle and i didn’t see any sign that Soap Opera Network was lying about anything.They didn’t mention how The Talk and Let’s Make A Deal ratings compared to what As The World Turns and Guiding Light’s ratings were.They were just pointing out how those shows are doing now.I also don’t see any anti-soap agenda.Thyey mentioned how good both Y&R and B&B are doing.So those are good ratings in my opinion and i think we should be happy about that.

  • Derrick

    This is great news for CBS……………Go Y&R and B&B!

  • TV&MovieBuff

    So good to see all of daytime doing well.

  • Llowyn104

    That week may have had great ratings for CBS’ daytime lineup, but I sure do hope the following week saw a plummeting decrease for Y&R. I started watching Y&R after ABC stupidly canceled both AMC and OLTL, so I’m not as invested in Victor (who I find annoying). I came to Y&R because of the characters of Jack (former AMC), Billy (former AMC), Chelsea (former AMC), Chloe (former AMC), and wanted to see the brilliance of both the characters, Katherine (RIP) and Phyllis. I immediately liked them all and found one of my fave characters to be Adam. Now that Phyllis, Katherine, Billy (even though I do like Tom who has replaced him because I liked Tom on OLTL), and especially Adam are gone . . . well, I took the program off my DVR lineup and will now spot watch from time to time. Luckily, they have back Colin (from GH), but I am angry Adam got fired (from his alleged misdeeds that if so terrible at occurrence should have warranted immediate dismissal). I hope Y&R falls in the ratings, not to the point of cancellation because I’m still a strong advocate for soap operas. I would like to see General Hospital take the lead in the ratings.

    • cindy Floyd

      What did Billy Miller leave? Nobody else can play that part like him. Just like Jeanne Cooper no body else could ever play that part like her.

  • Sue

    Duh–of course the number of viewers was up, they were bidding farewell to 2 of their favorite characters on Y&R, Adam and Billy! I’m sure many of those viewers will stop watching now, I have.
    As far as B & B, that to me is comic relief , I have always thought ( I’m serious) that this is a spoof on all soaps ala Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman !!

  • RedRiver38

    Billy Miller is an amazing actor that deserves all the recognition he gets, but Michael Muhney’s performances over the last six months have been a joy to watch. What an actor and talent. His absence on Y&R will be huge. The man has connected with the audience playing one of the most complicated characters on TV. His ability to convey his struggle from within over the guilt of the hit-and-run storyline deserves recognition and an award. He developed a damaged character into a must-watch character. His firing was an absolute abomination and Sony/CBS should be ashamed of their actions. I hope Muhney moves on to greater roles and success. He certainly deserves it. I, like many others, no longer watch Y&R.

    • Scowanfan

      My friends and I feel the EXACT same!!! He deserves a Best Actor award over any other actor in soaps right now!!! What a TREMENDOUS loss and what a robbery to us fans!!! DUMB move!!! BRING him back!!!!

  • Chadman

    Michael Muhuney’s performances of Adam Chandler is what had me GLUED to the this show! I had every emotion of him, I LOATHED him LOVED him felt SYMPATHY towards him and every emotion in between! I rooted for him! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so many different intense emotions over a character EVER on a soap! To find out he’s been let go brings me to only one emotion and that’s clearly disappointment!!! I mean what the heck were the Bells thinking of ever letting him go? Definitely not the fans!!! ;(