‘B&B’ Goes S&M With a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Storyline Starring Don Diamont’s Bill!

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Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Love in the afternoon is about to take a provocative turn with “’s” latest storyline twist for Bill (): He’ll be taking part in some risqué mattress mambos — complete with whips and delight — with none other than the town’s psychotic villainess, Quinn Fuller ()!

“We’re not cable, but we certainly take it as far as we can — and I don’t think there’s ever been anything like it in daytime,” teases Diamont to TV Guide, who first reported the news of the sexy, S&M story that kicks off Friday, February 21.

But for those who’d rather see Bill with Brooke (), have no worries: Diamont says the turn of events is strictly about freaky sex, absolutely not about love. “He’s not getting anywhere in his attempt to win [Brooke] back, and he’s a man with needs,” he explains. “Quinn suddenly shows up at his house. Bill’s feeling sexually vulnerable. The party’s on! He’s gotta get laid, and he makes no bones about it.

“He knows she’s an obsessive whackjob and this is nothing to him but a booty call,” he continues. “But it could open up a Pandora’s box of trouble!”

For more on the story, check out TV Guide’s original report here.

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  • Bexx

    Don is awesome! Nice to see an actor get straight to the point about his storyline, no beating around the bush or playing the fan bases.

  • Gloria Lisowski

    Love Don. He must be a lot of fun to work with on the set…….
    I met him and the others in August! It was awesome.

  • Harlee

    HOLY hell this will be HOT, HOT & more HOTNESS….I love this idea! My kind of game….

  • Lilianna Mathers

    That book is absolute crap! B&B’s writers do not need to “take a page” out of a book that should never have gotten past the fan-fic stage. Hopefully better than Dolla Bill sending lame unicorn pix to Brooke though 😀