Y&R PROMO: Billy Closing In On Adam? Summer’s Path to Perfection Could Lead to Her Death


The Young and the Restless Mast Head by Soap Opera Network


CBS’ “” is already bringing it, if ratings are anything to go by, but next week the soap will be kicking things into high gear with Summer’s () desire to be perfect turning into a deadly situation and Billy () getting ever closer to learning the truth about Adam’s () possible role in the death of his daughter.

  • Bexx

    Summer in coma? Hmm…interesting.

  • Karen

    They better not kill off HHK just to stop the rumor mill!

    • Bexx

      Doubt they will. I just find the timing quite interesting considered the way they filmed. Seems she was given some time off.

  • No.Mo.B.O.

    Keep her in a coma. Like mommy, like daughter.

  • Lori Conner

    This is ironic…The timing…Hmmmm…Makes me really wonder…

  • SCH

    Who cares anymore??

  • CatieR

    Dont care anymore. After Muhney is gone, so am I.

  • kuhio44

    Who cares …I am done at the end of the month…….This show is a loser ,,,watched 95 % since day one but no more…..

  • Pattie Estep

    Don’t really give a hoot about this show anymore.You have lost or fired all the main actors so who wants to watch anymore and with the way MM costars are acting on tweeter I don’t care to watch them.

  • omg

    Now Phyllis will wake up only to find her daughter in a coma, which will cause Phyllis’ memory loss, so Sharon can worry about the truth coming out even longer, but that’s ok because by the time it does, it will be determined that Sharon only thinks she switched the paternity results, like she thinks she sees Cassie, and Jack actually really is Summer’s father…… and gawd… in the back of our minds….we’re going to be missing ADAM!!!

  • Susan

    Who cares anymore about this loser show with terrible story lines, poor acting, and no Michael Muhney…goodbye Y&R…see you off the air!

  • xy&rfan

    The only thing I want to hear about Y&R is that Michael Muhney is back where he belongs and the head honchos are gone from the show. 17 days and counting…..

  • Bexx

    You have to laugh at people claiming to be over Y&R, yet here they are watching the promo. Silly little women.

  • Goodbye after 1/30

    Just like Y&R to kill off another girl/young woman. Delia, Colleen, Cassie to name a few.