TWO YEARS LATER: A Look Back at ABC’s ‘One Life to Live’

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Two years ago today the final television broadcast of “” aired on ABC. While the show would go on to have an additional forty episodes in 2013 via Prospect Park’s The OnLine Network, this day marks the end of the soap’s 43-year run on the alphabet network.

In honor of the show’s finale anniversary, we take a look back at some of the biggest and best “OLTL” moments – all available to watch online. So if you have a few minutes, come reminisce with us!

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  • Bexx

    I’m sorry, but there really isn’t much to miss with their time travel and all. I’d sooner watch Passions before OLTL.

    • Anna

      Then why are you even leaving a comment?

  • Louisa

    OLTL is by far the best soap on television ever. I loved watching Todd and Blair’s wedding again. And NOBODY does soap better than Viki and Dorian. I miss them! ABC needs to bring OLTL back.

  • Louisa

    I love seeing early Trevor St. John again! Great clips.